Rust Drops – How to get Steam and Twitch Drops

The multiplayer survival game Rust is not brand-new. Yet just recently, its popularity has soared. These days, Rust draws a lot of well-known Twitch streamers. Also, the Rust publisher frequently collaborates with leading streaming services to create live Twitch and Rust Drops for game lovers.

What Is A Rust Drop? 

Rust Drops

When you link your Steam and Twitch accounts, you can unlock in-game skins, or skins sets called Rust drops. In this article, we will cover how to get Rust to twitch drops, and Rust steam drops in-depth. Read the article from start to end to learn every helpful hint and technique regarding Rust drops.

How To Get Steam Rust Drops? 

Rust Drops

Finding some skins for free is always a possibility if you’re currently strapped for cash.The simplest method is playing the game and waiting for arbitrary stuff to drop into your account. Earn free Rust skins by following specific RUST streams and receive rust drops during these brief occasions. 

Twitch drops only happen during drop events, and each one has a different set of required broadcasters for you to follow to obtain them. To make it clear that watching them will advance you toward the drop, these streamers will have the “drops enabled” tag on their streams to get streamer drops.

Follow these steps to accomplish this:

How To Get Twitch Drop Rusts? 

Rust Drops

You can get the Rust skins by the below-mentioned steps.

  • Make sure your Steam and Twitch accounts are active.
  • Connect your Twitch account to your Steam account.
  • Log in with a Twitch account when your accounts are connected, upload the stream, and check the chat section\there; you will find a Twitch drop message that says, ‘Get in-game loot by streaming.’
  • Watch Rust streams with the Drops Enabled tag because only those will give you rewards when the time comes. You will see a Request button on the screen that you need to click.
  • In the Twitch drop inventory screen, you may monitor your advancement.

If a rust twitch drops, click the accept drop button to open the window to the drops section of your Twitch account. If the window has closed or you were not present when the drop appeared, you may always access the drops section by clicking your Twitch profile symbol in the window’s top right corner to show the menu. When the menu appears, scroll down and select Drops.

You can claim any drops that are offered under the section for drops. Don’t be concerned if the Twitch drop doesn’t show up immediately; it may take several minutes to arrive in your Steam inventory

How to Claim Rust Twitch Drops Without Watching?

There is a way to claim Twitch Drop without viewing Rust-related streams if you don’t have time to watch the streams.  On your Google Chrome browser, install the Twitch Drop auto-request extension.

Remember that most valid extensions do not let you fudge the number of Twitch drops. In other words, you must view the Twitch stream.

These valid extensions only assist you in automatically claiming Twitch drops. Use Automatic Twitch: Drops, Points, and Moment. 

What Can You Get From These Rust Drops? 

The fridge, socks, sandals, and rocket launcher are the items you can take from the Rust general drops. Find any streamers with these Rust skins activated on their channels to obtain them. You get Pookie Pants for watching the broadcast for two hours. If you watch the stream for four hours straight, on the other hand, you can get a Pookie Hoodie.

By doing this, you can also gain Rust publisher loot. Yet, to be confident that someone makes the cosmetics you want, you must spend four hours watching their channel instead.

Steamer Specific Drops 

  • Blazed Bow 
  • Kira Furnace 
  • Silithur Bolt 
  • Agusta Bell 212 Garage Door 
  • ricoy23 Furnace 
  • elxokas AK 
  • Jewer Large Box 

Generic Drops 

Generic drops can be obtained by watching Twitch streamers play Rust. By watching any number of Rust streams for 2, 4, or 6 hours, you can usually earn one of three general things.

There is always at least one worthwhile monthly reward, even though many items are not as remarkable as the unique drops. Before spending six hours watching Twitch, it is generally a good idea to check out the drop items. Watching any Rust stream that has the “Drops Enabled” tag will count towards drop progress.

When Will There Be Another Rust Twitch Drop?

The following Rust Twitch Drops event date is unknown, but you can count on a pleasant surprise when it happens. At the same time, you should follow the top streamers and communities that are focused on this subject if you want to stay updated about the Twitch Drops event.

Drops For Rust Console Edition 

Unfortunately, there are currently no drops for Rust’s console version. Currently, the only way to unlock Twitch drops for Rust on Steam is to play the game. It is unknown if Twitch will work with Double Eleven to develop a drop mechanism for the console version of the game. New console players joining the group would be a fantastic bonus. 

Even though Rust is an older game, the console version’s recent release has seen a significant increase in its player base. People will not be able to access their drops on consoles because the drops are Steam-specific. Only PC users will be able to access those burdensome prizes. Nobody is certain whether the items will ever be able to be combined or linked. 

To encourage players to switch from PC to console play would seem contradictory if Steam did so. Drops to the console edition will probably never be ported across because Steam benefits from player migration from PC to PC.

Final Words 

Our guide described how you could get Rust steam drops or Twitch steam drops. You can get free Rust skins by watching your preferred publishers at specific times. Also, participating in these activities will benefit the game developers and your renowned publishers. We hope you find our guide helpful. 

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