How to Change Mic in CS:GO

In some games, communication is one of the most important tools you need to win, so you will want to know to change mic in CS:GO. If you cannot communicate effectively with your teammates, you cannot coordinate your efforts. And that usually ends poorly, especially against a highly competent team that won’t give you any room for mistakes.

When you communicate with your team, the message must be delivered quickly. Otherwise, by the time the message has been received, it’s already too late to utilize the information.

Some esports will not allow players to communicate using voice chat. But CS:GO certainly gives you that possibility. Without it, the game wouldn’t be the same. However, to communicate in CS:GO, you need a good headset and the ability to use your microphone inside the game.

From time to time, there is a problem that you need to fix in relation to this, and the solution to that problem is presented below.

Change Mic in CS:GO
Change Mic in CS:GO

Change Mic in CS:GO – In-Game Settings That You Need to Check

When you want to use a mic in CS:GO, the first thing that you’ll need to do is go to Settings, find the Audio tab, and then customize your audio experience. The Audio Device option allows you to select your output device. The input device needs to be changed from somewhere else, though.

You can use the Enable Voice setting to utilize your voice by pressing a key. Make sure you choose a key that’s easy for you to press on your keyboard because you will be using it relatively frequently.

Steam Settings – How to Fix the Problem

Fixing the most annoying problem related to the mic in CS:GO requires you to open your Steam Account and go to your friends list. You must click on the Settings button and then select the Voice tab. The only remaining thing that you need to do is to modify the Voice Input Device.

Here, you should select the microphone option and then adjust the volume so that you don’t accidentally scream in other people’s ears.

Before you modify anything, the Voice Input Device will probably have the value Default. This clearly indicates that your CS:GO mic problem was coming from here.

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After fixing the problem, you can press the Start Microphone test button to do a microphone test. If it doesn’t work, restart the game and Steam itself if needed and then try again. From time to time, the program will not use the new settings immediately and may require a restart.

After you’ve done all this, when you press the key to talk to people in CS:GO, your teammates should hear you. However, remember that if they’ve muted you, your mic will appear not to be working, even though it’s working very well. 

To further tweak things, you can adjust your audio settings and ensure you’re using the best audio settings. This can be done from inside the game’s main menu.