Hoodwink Dota 2 Guide: Items Build | Game Plan | Abilities

Our guide has the best Hoodwink Dota 2. We try to keep all Dota 2 builds and tutorials up to date, and we have created the greatest Hoodwink build possible, given the current meta. Learn about the Items, Combo, Abilities, matchups, gameplay, and Counter of the Invoker. Let’s get started. 

Hoodwink Dota 2

Hoodwink’s Pros and Cons 


  • Acorn Shot and Scurry have the potential to push a strong wave clear and split.
  • Perform a variety of roles.
  • Largely independent of goods, but because of Scurry and Acorn Shot, it scales incredibly well with things.
  • Powerful long-range engagement with the slow break of the Sharpshooter and the shock of Bushwhack.


  • Minimal base strength. 
  • Her frequent reliance on trees necessitates positioning and timing.


The lovely swath of green was where Hoodwink Dota 2 spent his formative years. She had to employ a variety of ruses to continually step on people due to the expansion of the ravenous empire. 

Now Hoodwink attacks anybody who dares attempt to tame the wilds further, cheerfully stealing what she wants from their possessions, destroying what she doesn’t need, and assisting any like-minded survivors in returning to a life in the green.

Attributes and Stats

Win Rate49.53%
Level0 1 15 25 30
Health200 540 1100 1740 1980
Health Regeneration+0.25 +1.95 +4.75 +7.95 +9.15
Mana75 327 807 1299 1503
Mana Regeneration+0 +1.05 +3.08 +5.13 +5.96
DMG22‒29 46‒53 96‒103 144‒151 164‒177
Armor0 4 12.4 20.4 23.73
DMG Block
Magic Resistance25%
Status Resistance0%
Movement Speed305
Attack Rate0.5/s 0.62/s 0.87/s 1.11/s 1.21/s
Attack Range575 (800)
Attack Speed100 (2s BAT)
Attack Animation 0.4+1.5
Projectile Speed 1800
Turn Rate0.9
Collision Size8
Vision Range1800 • 800
Gib TypeDefault
Ability UpgradesDecoyHunters boomerang

Roles Hoodwink Can Take On 

  • Support 
  • Nuker 
  • Escape 
  • Disabler 

Hoodwink Items Build 

Early Game:

Starting Items are Iron branch, Tango and Healing salve, and slippers of agility and circles.

Iron Branch: gives you early advantages, and with Tango, it increases healing.

Tango and Healing Salve: helps keep you going.

Circlet and Slippers of Agility: improves your agility for the Wraith Band later.

Mid Game 

Wraith Band: Get extra agility, armor, and attack speed    

Boots of Speed: high rate of movement speed.

Magic Wand: protects you from duels or ganks.

Late Game 

Hurricane Pike: Increase Attack range. 

Acorn Short: Great qualities growth, helps in proper positioning, use it to keep distance from nearby enemies. 

Yahsa and Kaya: Spell amplifier, boots damage rate. 

Linken’s Sphere: It provides protection and gives increased mana regeneration. 

Mjollnir: Gives bonus attack, wipes out creeps waves. 

Gleipnir:  Enables her abilities and provides more damage. 

Monkey King Bar: enables your Acorn Shot to go through resistance.


Acon Shot:

Effect: The acorn bounces to adjacent enemies, slowing them and increasing Hoodwink’s attack’s damage. 2 Acorn Shot charges -4 Armor Corruption. 

  • Attack Range Bonus: 125/200/275/350
  • Bounce Distance: 525
  • Number of Bounces: 2/3/4/5/4/5/6/7.
  • Instant Attack Damage Bonus: 50/75/100/125
  • Instant Attack Damage: 75%


Effect: Enemies hit suffer damage and are drawn towards the nearest tree, and their vision reduces to 0. 

  • Cast Range: 1000
  • Radius: 265 (400)
  • Total Damage: 75/150/225/300/135/210/285/360
  • Set Vision Range: 0
  • Stun Duration: 1.5/1.8/2.1/2.4


Effect: Hoodwink obtains temporary tree-walking talent and avoids physical assaults around trees. He also gets phased collision and extra movement speed.

  • Passive Tree Search Radius: 275
  • Passive Evasion: 15%/20%/25%/30%
  • Active Move Speed Bonus: 20%/25%/30%/35%
  • Active Duration: 4


Effect: Hoodwink starts firing a Sharpshooter with reduced damage towards the close enemy hero while going invisible, speeding up her pace.

  • Fade Time: 0
  • Trigger Distance: 1000
  • Stun Radius: 250
  • Sharpshooter Damage Percentage: 60%
  • Move Speed Bonus: 15%

Hunter’s Boomerang:

Effect: When the boomerang passes through or strikes an enemy, it inflicts damage and leaves a Hunter’s Mark that slows and makes the target more susceptible to spell damage.

  • Boomerang Radius: 150
  • Boomerang Arc Distance: 400
  • Damage: 250
  • Move Speed Slow: 20%
  • Incoming Spell Damage Amp: 20%


Effect: Hoodwink charges forward and unleashes a lethal crossbow bolt that breaks, slows, and damages an opponent hero.

  • Max Travel Distance: 3000
  • Bolt Collision Radius: 125
  • Turn Rate in Degrees per Second: 60°

Building Guide 

Acorn Shot: 2,8,9,11.

Bushwhack: 1,3,5,7.

Scurry: 4,13,14, 16.

Sharpshooter: 6,12.

Talent: 10, 15.


Hoodwink + Elder Titan 

Echo Stomp puts the adversary to sleep to give Hoodwink time to change his ultimate. When combined with Hoodwink’s ultimate, Ground Splitter can move foes.

Game Play 

Early Game: 

Begin with a Blades of Attack and three Iron Branch or Faerie Fire to raise your damage above 60 and improve your ability to withstand the last hits.

Mid Game:

With your superior attack animation, once your damage is over 62, you can contest practically every last hit against anyone. Acorn can be used to repel ranged creeps. Move the melee creeps away from the ranged; you can bounce off the middle of the adversary.

Late Game:

To fast clear waves, purchase Maelstrom. Ancient Creep Camps can be quickly cleared with Maelstrom and Crystals. Boots of Travel, which work nicely with Scurry, let you depush and split-push yourself.


Storm Spirit:

Hoodwink’s tiny Health pool makes her readily destroyable against Storm Spirit. Moreover, because of Ball Lightning, Storm can quickly approach Hoodwink. Using this power, he can even use it to cut down trees that are in his path.


In addition to summoning, stunning, and damaging, Warlock’s Chaos Offering also kills trees in a wide area. Hoodwink’s existence is more challenging because she is unable to flee due to this and Upheaval readily.

Advantageous Matchups 

Hoodwink + Bristle Black

Hoodwink Dota 2

It is possible to avoid Bristleback, and his Quill Sprays through Hoodwink’s Scurry and Bushwhack skills. Also, his Bristleback and Warpath powers can both be neutralized through Sharpshooter.

Phantom Lancer + Hoodwink

Phantom Lancer and his illusions can be stunned with Bushwhack, and Acorn Shot is excellent for locating the actual PL. Moreover, Sharpshooter can negate Phantom Lancer’s ultimate, Juxtapose. This prevents him from making other illusions and enables Hoodwink’s gang to murder him.

Huskar + Hoodwink 

A Husker has a low HP to be successful. Because of this, he is extremely weak to abilities that do burst damage, such as Hoodwink’s Sharpshooter.

3 Most Used Skins 

1. Strings of Suradan Bundle 

Hoodwink has a skin called The Strings of Suradan Bundle. This beautiful lute had a name long before it was in Hoodwink’s capable hands. 

2. Tomo’kan Incarnate Armor 

Hoodwink Dota 2 has a skin called Tomo’kan Incarnate. The ideal vessel to empower to release an unstoppable force of rejuvenation upon the land.

3. Tomo’kan Incarnate Hood 

Hoodwink has a skin for it called Tomo’kan Incarnate Hood. The game received the skin on September 28, 2021. This acts as a shield against damage. 

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