Most Expensive Rust Skin – Top 5

RUST, a game that combines elements of survival and first-person shooter action, has grown to be one of the most popular online multiplayer games over the years. Yet one of its standout features is the customizable skins, which keep you interested and look beautiful in-game, with the most expensive Rust Skins.

In addition to being style statements, they also make excellent tools for enhancing your time on PVE servers. But, sometimes, finding particular Rust skins on the market is a true accomplishment because they are uncommon. One of the most frequently asked questions is why many Rust community members are ready to spend hundreds or tens of thousands of dollars for some of the most costly Rust skins ever made. 

There may be several causes, but the most plausible may be that some people have extra cash. There is much to understand about how this operates if you’re new to purchasing, offering for sale, or trading Rust skins. You’d be shocked to learn how costly some Rust skins are. 

Here is our list of the top 5 most expensive Rust Skins:

  1. Punishment Mask: Most expensive Rust skin
  2. Alien Relic SMG: Most Expensive SMG Rust skin
  3. Big Grin: Most Expensive Metal Facemask skin
  4. Tempered MP5: Most expensive MP5 Rust skin
  5. Horror Bag: Most pricy sleeping bag skin

1. Punishment Mask | $1735+

The Punishment Mask skin for the Metal Facemask in Rust is the absolute heavyweight champion of all time regarding highly pricey Rust skins. In regards to this skin, the Rust community frequently goes insane.

The Punishment Mask, however, is unquestionably deserving of its name due to its spooky, authentic look. 

It’s still among the priciest skins, even without its aesthetic appeal, because it is popular and uncommon. This is perhaps the most challenging skin to find out of all the skins in Rust. It does, however, take some talent (or a lot of money) to get this item in your Steam account, so if you see a player wearing it, you should ask them how they obtained it.

2. Alien Relic SMG | $1303+

Expensive Rust Skin

Here is a Rust skin that many players wish they could have in their Steam collection. The Alien Relic SMG skin is one of the game’s rarest skins. Its price has increased significantly because it is one of the most well-known weapon skins.

This is of the best-looking Rust skins available, in addition to being rare and well-liked. It enhances the weapon’s visibility and is neat, smooth, and has lovely colours. This is a particular submachine gun skin that no rational Rust player will ever reject.

The popularity of this skin is also boosted by the fact that it was designed and produced by Rcham, a well-known YouTuber. He is a prominent Rust player who enjoys using this skin to win games. Hence, the next time you see this skin on the Steam marketplace or, imagine how stylish you’d look after seeing how Rcham uses it in combat.

Its price is around $1303.00.

3. Big Grin | $670+

Expensive Rust Skin

This is another Rust skin product for the Metal Facemask, which is priced higher on the Rust skin market. It has a darker appearance with white teeth. It has a relatively stealthy design and provides some additional camouflage within the game. Yet, given the popularity of the Metal Facemask skin, it will be difficult to avoid being noticed. 

Many Rust gamers, however, don’t appear to mind as long as they are spotted donning the priciest Rust skin. Even if it’s not the most expensive, it’s still very high on the list. This metal facemask item for you on Rust is one of the rare skins.

Made by Jean-Luc Picard and launched in 2016. Its price is around $670.00.

4. Tempered MP5 | $627+

Expensive Rust Skin

One of Rust’s most well-known and distinctive skins, the Tempered Mask for the Metal Facemask, has a moniker comparable to the Tempered MP5. While having identical names and tempered patterns, the Tempered Mask is still less expensive than the Tempered MP5.

This skin, along with the Tempered Mask that resembles it, features some of the most exquisite designs found in Rust thanks to its premium purple and gold colors. Although being among the top 5 most costly Rust skins available right now, the Tempered MP5 is still regarded by many users as a cheap option even though they aren’t free Rust skins.

But it’s worth your money. 30 pistol bullets can be fired each round from this MP5A4 submachine gun. They are more accurate and less destructive. According to players, the MP5A4 is one of the most adaptable weapons in the game. Furthermore, Rust’s only craftable military-grade firearm.

Its price is around $627.94.

5. Horror Bag | $483+

Expensive Rust Skin

The themed Rust sleeping bag known as the Horror Bag comes in very near to matching the price of the Tempered MP5. This is unquestionably a particular Rust skin that deserves to be among the top 5 most costly. The Horror Bag is the perfect Rust skin for Halloween because of its distinctive appearance. 

Even better, if you’re considering purchasing Rust skins during that specific period of the year, you might find some excellent discounts. The popularity of this skin hasn’t decreased, and its price hasn’t changed much in a long time, disproving many of those who claim it isn’t worth the money.

This orange sleeping bag decomposes into the wood and will make your game more enjoyable. It is decorated with festive pumpkins and bats. Players can set up the sleeping bag item as a respawn point for themselves or other players on the server. Whenever a player dies, they can respawn in a sleeping bag.

Your sleeping bag should be placed in a safe area because other players may decide to destroy them purposefully. They may be destroyed in 25 hits if equipped with a hatchet.

Its price is around $483.

Final Words:

You are now aware of Rust’s most expensive skins in the multiplayer game. There are other even more pricey skins in the Rust game, like metal tree door, creepy clown bandana, fire jacket skin, wooden door, and other assault rifles. The massive trend of owning priceless skins is worth investing in.

Hence, if the chance presents itself, seize a Rust skin and keep it until its value increases again.

If you’re new to skins, read our guide on how to get Rust skins.

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