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Trade Rust AK Skins

The AK, or Assault Rifle, is one of the most popular items in Rust for good reason—it’s a high-powered weapon to be feared. This gun outperforms every other weapon at short to medium range, and it can also be effective at long range if you’ve mastered the spray technique. In this way, it competes with the L96 and Bolt-Action rifles due to its high firing rate.

Since the AK is so popular, there are more skins available for it than any other item in the game. Skins range from minor cosmetic features to stockless skins and glowing iron sights, so not only do skins offer an aesthetic appeal, but they also give you a major competitive advantage. Because of this, the folks at Facepunch no longer offer new glow sight skins, so the ones that are out there are highly sought-after.

No matter what AK skin you’re looking for, whether a common one like the Tempered AK or something more rare like the Glory AK, you’ll find it on Tradeit. Our secure, easy-to-use marketplace features an ever-changing inventory with items you won’t find anywhere else. When it comes to buying and selling Rust AK skins, we’re the preferred choice.

Customize with Rust AK Skins

Want to customize your Rust experience with AK skins? New and pro players alike are always upgrading their characters and their loadout with unique, hard-to-find skins. You’ll find all the skins you’re looking for in our user-friendly marketplace. Here are some of the most popular skins you’ll discover at great prices on Tradeit:

  • Glory AK: Consider the Glory AK as the Louis Vuitton skin in the game of Rust—it’s just there to show how wealthy you are. Coming in at over $300, this skin is as cool looking as it is a great investment, and other players are sure to be impressed when they see you rocking it.

  • Alien Red: With a sick color scheme and glowing sights to make nighttime shootouts much easier, Alien Red is a prized AK skin that literally glows red in the dark. With a price tag near $100, it’s an affordable skin that’s sure to drop jaws.

  • Victoria: This rare skin features an icy color scheme and a high price over $50. A flashy skin that gets noticed, the Victoria is a great investment and a great addition to your collection.


The Largest Marketplace for Rust Weapon Skins

After years facilitating millions of successful Rust skin trades, Tradeit has become the larget marketplace for Rust weapon skins. No matter what you’re looking for, even ultra-rare items like the Glory AK, we’ve got it! And since transactions take just a matter of seconds, you can buy or sell Rust skins instantly.

Trade Rust AK Skins with Confidence

Tradeit is your go-to resource when you’re ready to trade Rust skins. Whether you’re buying or selling, our secure, easy-to-use marketplace connects buyers and sellers, providing fair value for your prized Rust skins. Browse our ever-changing inventory today!