Do CS2 Stickers Increase Weapon Skin Value?

how to sell csgo skins with stickers

Buying, selling, and even renting skins are part of the CS2 experience. Once you’ve mastered the gameplay and have a few wins, you’ll start accumulating stickers. You can put these on your skins to make them look more unique. However, they’re also quite valuable.

As a result, they should increase the value of your skin. This guide will cover how to sell CS2 skins with stickers. Helping you make the most out of the goods you have to offer.

How to Sell CS2 Skins With Stickers

How to Sell CS-GO Skins With Stickers

You can sell your skins with stickers in the same way as you normally do. Most websites and groups offer you a way to do this. Whether that’s as a separate listing or within a specific marketplace of skins with stickers.

Steps to sell on

  • Take a screenshot of your weapon.
  • Go to some CS2 groups to get a price and a buyer.
  • Instantly sell the item through the marketplace.

Selling With Stickers

The key is to add the price of the stickers to the price of the skin. Many agree that no sticker can push the price of skin up unless it’s worth at least $10. With that in mind, you should check your stickers’ value before listing your skin. You can do this on any marketplace just by searching for them.

If you know the value of your stickers is $10, and you have four of them, you need to add at least $20 to the price of your skin. If you’ve got a good-looking set of stickers, then you could add even more. People will pay good money for sets of stickers, particularly if pros or streamers use them.

You can add the stickers on a skin to your listing. This will help others understand why your skin is so much more expensive. When bartering, always use your stickers as the reason that someone should get your skin over another one. If they question its worth, you must prove that the stickers are on that skin.

Now that you know how to sell CS2 skins with stickers, let’s dive into what they are and how rare they are.

What are CS2 Stickers?

What are CS2 Stickers?

Let’s start with the basics and cover what CS2 stickers actually are. They were first introduced in an update in 2014. They’re a new form of cosmetic item that players can apply to their skins. This makes your skin more unique than anyone else’s. It’s tough to find similar skin and sticker combinations, which is what makes them so rare in the first place.

Stickers can only be applied to one skin. Once they’ve been used, they can’t be used again. So when applying one, you need to be sure that the skin it’s going on is the one you want it to be on forever. A rare sticker can jack up the price of a common skin, but it’s usually better to put your high-value stickers on high-value skins.

You can apply a maximum of four stickers to any one weapon skin. There are two exceptions to this rule, the R8 Revolver and the G3SG1. You can apply five stickers to each of them. Four or five stickers will add more value to a skin, which is why many people use them.

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CS2 Sticker Rarity & Variants

sticker rarirty

In CS2, stickers come in several rarities and variants, each adding a distinct aesthetic touch to a player’s weapon. Here is a unique summary of the rarity and variants of stickers in CS2:

Sticker rarity:

  • Blue (High Grade): These stickers are the most commonly found, much like finding a common gem in a vast mine.
  • Purple (Remarkable): As the name suggests, these stickers are slightly rarer, standing out among the crowd like a flower in a field.
  • Pink (Exotic): As the rarity increases, so does the prestige. Pink stickers offer a unique allure, akin to spotting a rare bird in the wild.
  • Red (Extraordinary): These stickers are quite rare and sought after, similar to a collector’s item that only a few possess.
  • Gold (Contraband): The pinnacle of rarity, these are like the legendary artifacts in a treasure trove. They’re highly valued due to their scarcity.

Sticker variants

  • Paper: These stickers are like a fresh canvas, simple yet vibrant. Scraping them reveals their paper backing until it’s completely removed.
  • Glossy: These stickers are akin to a polished gem, showcasing their luster without any backing. Scraping these reveals the weapon’s finish underneath.
  • Glitter: These stickers have a fractured texture that sparkles, creating a localized holographic effect, much like a constellation in a night sky.
  • Holo: These stickers are like an optical illusion, using extra texture layers to create a holographic-like effect. Different patterns can create unique holographic reflections.
  • Foil: These stickers are like an embossed seal on a letter, offering a metallic appearance thanks to an extra normal map.
  • Gold: These stickers are as precious as their namesake, offering a foil effect on a gold-colored sticker, which is like having a small treasure on your weapon.
  • Lenticular: These stickers offer an illusion of depth, changing or moving as they are viewed from different angles, much like a lenticular print in an art gallery​​.

Stickers can also be scraped to make them look more worn. A player will only do this if the skin the sticker is on is also worn. While scraping a sticker doesn’t necessarily lower its value, some players only want pristine stickers.

If you have any, avoid scraping them if you plan to sell them.

The most desirable stickers are those with the Foil or Holo quality. These are bright stickers that can be shiny or have interesting visual qualities to them. Some are restricted to events, and those are the ones that are worth a lot of money.

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When selling your skins with stickers, it’s always worth bumping the price. Someone out there will be looking for your skin and sticker combination, so make it worthwhile.

Do all CS2 stickers add value to a weapon skin?

No, not all stickers add value. The impact depends on the sticker itself:
Rarity: Rare stickers, especially those from old capsules or collections, can significantly increase value.
Demand: Popular stickers tied to pro players, teams, or events are more desirable.
Condition (Foil vs. Paper): Foil stickers with a shiny effect generally hold more value.

Which stickers are most likely to increase the value of a skin?

Look for stickers with the above qualities: rarity, demand, and foil condition. Some examples include:
Katowice 2014 stickers (especially high-tier teams)
Howling Dawn Sticker
– Team stickers from popular teams or tournaments

Are there any factors that can decrease the value of stickered skin?

Yes, a sticker can hurt value in some cases:
Sticker Placement: Awkward placement that clashes with the skin’s design can be negative.
Low-Value Stickers: Common stickers from recent capsules typically add little or no value.
Skin Condition: A scratched or worn skin with a valuable sticker might not see a significant price increase.

How can I tell how much a sticker adds to the value of a skin?

It’s not an exact science. Here are some resources:
Community marketplaces: Check prices of similar skins with and without the sticker.
Price tracking websites: Track the sticker’s price history to gauge its rarity and demand.
Community forums: Discuss the sticker and skin with experienced traders for insights.

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