The Price of a Kilowatt Case Drops Below $3

CS2 Kilowatt Case

When the Kilowatt Case was first released, the price was ridiculously high. Some people bought one item for more than $50. But almost immediately, the price dropped to around $10. Now it’s less than $3 and it will continue to decrease until it reaches around $2.

This pattern is a consequence of basic economic laws. If the market starts to get flooded with certain types of goods, their perceived value decreases. We’ve seen the same thing happening with other CS2 cases. The ones that cost a lot of money are usually very rare or contain extremely expensive items.

If there are buyers waiting in line for a skin and are willing to pay $3000 for it, you can be certain that the weapon case containing that skin will have a higher price than your usual $1 case.

How Good Is The Kilowatt Case

CS2 Kilowatt Case

The Kilowatt Case is the newest CS2 case and it contains some very interesting items. Apart from the Kukri Knife skins, which are decent, you can also get a superb AK-47 skin called Inheritance.

This skin looks prestigious and its Covert rarity makes it very valuable. The current price is somewhere around $350. But that’s for the Factory New model. A low-end model will cost around $100.

This essentially means that opening the Kilowatt Case is not worth it if you’re doing it purely for financial purposes. The high-end skins it contains cost only a few hundred dollars and obtaining them will require you to open around 100-150 cases.

That’s the equivalent of $500 – 800 for one high-quality skin plus several other skins that cost far less. The only thing that could save you here is luck.

If you open a Kukri Knife or two Covert skins with a low float value, you’ll make some money. But not that much and there’s always a good chance that you’ll open 100 cases and get absolutely nothing of real value.

If you want to buy the AK-47 Inheritance or the AWP Chrome Cannon, the best option is to purchase these items on Tradeit or Steam. It’s by far the cheapest way to add them to your inventory.

Among the lower-value skins in the Kilowatt Case, The MP7 Just Smile and the Five-SeveN Hybrid have really nice designs. The Glock-18 Block-18 is not bad either. In fact, it’s one of the most original designs you’ll come across in Counter-Strike 2.

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