What is CS2 Hidden Achievement & How to Get It?

Uncover the CS2 Hidden Achievement and level up your Counter-Strike skills. Learn how to unlock this rare achievement!

Feeling like a Counter Strike 2 (CS2) pro, dominating the server, planting bomb codes in CS2 like a pro florist? But there’s a nagging voice in your head whispering, “Is there more? Am I truly a Counter-Strike master?”

Well, hold onto your kevlar vest, because Counter Strike 2 (CS2) might have a hidden secret up its sleeve – an achievement waiting to be unlocked by the most dedicated (or perhaps slightly curious) players. This is just one achievement available in the game, highlighting its uniqueness and rarity.

Get ready to separate myth from frag as we crack the code on the CS2 hidden achievement and show you how to snag that bragging-rights badge!

Key Takeaways

  • The ‘A New Beginning’ hidden achievement in CS2 is unlocked by updating the game, spending time on the new ‘Sunrise’ map, and completing a multi-kill.
  • Mastering game mechanics like the in-game economy and weapon specifics, and dominating key map areas are essential for earning multi-kills and unlocking the hidden achievement.
  • Improving weapons and gear, adopting tactical game strategies, and playing Deathmatch free-for-all mode increase your chances for multi-kills and earning the achievement.

Step-by-Step Guide to Claim Your Hidden Achievement

A New Beginning, CS2 Hidden Achievement

While the achievement is elusive, it’s not hard to complete, especially when you’re using something like the Kukri Knife in CS2. Here’s a breakdown of the steps to earn the “A New Beginning” achievement:

  1. Patch Up: Ensure your game is updated to the latest version. This crucial patch introduced the “A New Beginning” achievement. Check your version and update if needed.

    Updating your game also ensures you have access to the latest bug fixes, balance changes, and potentially even new maps or game modes – all of which can enhance your CS2 experience.
  2. Explore the Sunrise: A new map called “Sunrise” arrived alongside the achievement. Explore this map and interact with its elements – it might hold some clues! While some speculate the map itself might hold hints about the achievement, this is purely speculation.

    Regardless, exploring the map familiarizes you with its layout and potential choke points, giving you an edge in future matches.
  3. Master the Multi-Kill: The hidden achievement hinges on a single in-game feat – a multi-kill. Sounds intimidating? Relax, it’s simpler than you think.
  • What’s a Multi-Kill? In CS2, a multi-kill requires you to eliminate two enemies in quick succession. That’s it!
  1. Finish What You Started: Once you achieve your multi-kill, remember to complete the entire match. Finishing the match is vital for unlocking the hidden achievement. Leaving a match early, even after a successful multi-kill, will prevent you from claiming your reward.

As you progress, you’ll discover more achievements, enriching your CS2 experience and motivating you to hone your skills in different aspects of the game.

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Tips and Tricks for Multi-Kill Domination

CS2 In-game view

Now that you know how to unlock the hidden achievement, let’s delve into strategies to enhance your gameplay. After all, multi-kills and match domination are key to unlocking it, but they’re also valuable skills to have in any CS2 match.

  1. Master the Mechanics: Grasping the in-game economy, weapon recoil patterns, and movement speeds is crucial. Invest time in learning these aspects to perform at your peak.

    A strong understanding of the economy allows you to make informed decisions about weapon purchases and grenades while mastering weapon recoil patterns ensures your bullets hit their mark.

    Movement speed plays a vital role in flanking enemies and maneuvering around the map effectively, especially if you’re using the CS2 Bhop mechanic.
  2. Control the Key Areas: Dominating strategic locations on the map offers opportunities for multi-kills. Controlling these areas restricts enemy movement, setting up favorable engagements.

    Key areas typically offer good cover, provide sightlines over important parts of the map, and allow you to control bomb sites or hostage zones.
  3. Become a Weapon Connoisseur: Train with diverse weapons to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Learn optimal engagement ranges and improve accuracy for effective multi-kills.

    Don’t just rely on the AWP (Arctic Warfare Police) – mastering weapons like the AK-47 or M4A1 can be just as effective in close-quarters combat or on medium ranges.
  4. Upgrade for Advantage: Enhance your weapons and equipment with upgrades to improve your ability to eliminate multiple enemies. Improved gear translates to better damage and survivability, giving you the upper hand.

    Upgrading weapons can provide features like silencers for stealthier approaches or scopes for increased accuracy at longer distances.
  5. Think Outside the Box: Employing surprise tactics and unconventional strategies can outsmart your opponents, creating scenarios ripe for multi-kills. Mastering counter-attacks to catch enemies off guard is a potent strategy.

    For example, throwing a smoke grenade to block an enemy’s vision can create an opportunity to flank them and score a multi-kill.

Bonus Tip: Playing on Deathmatch free-for-all offers the easiest route to scoring multi-kills. Here, you’ll encounter plenty of targets. However, experienced players might find this mode less challenging. Regardless of your chosen one from the game modes in CS2, remember to finish the match to claim your achievement.


In conclusion, unlocking the ‘A New Beginning’ hidden achievement in CS2 is a journey of skill, strategy, and persistence. From updating your game to mastering the mechanics, every step brings you closer to that exhilarating moment of achievement. So, gear up, dive in, and let the games begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ‘A New Beginning’ achievement in CS2?

The ‘A New Beginning’ achievement in CS2 is a hidden achievement that can be unlocked by achieving a multi-kill and completing the match afterward. Good luck unlocking it!

How can I unlock this hidden achievement?

To unlock the hidden achievement, update your game, play on the ‘Sunrise’ map, get a multi-kill, and finish the match. Good luck!

How can I improve my chances of earning multi-kills?

To improve your chances of earning multi-kills, focus on understanding game mechanics, controlling key map areas, practicing with different weapons, upgrading your equipment, and using tactical approaches. These strategies can help you achieve more multi-kills in the game.

What game mode is best for earning multi-kills?

For earning multi-kills, the best game mode is Deathmatch free-for-all because there are plenty of targets to take down. Try it out and see your multi-kill count soar!

What happens after I unlock the ‘A New Beginning’ achievement?

Unlocking the ‘A New Beginning’ achievement is a badge of honor that showcases your gaming skills.

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