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Stickers are frequently used to add an aesthetic appearance to CS2’s indispensable cosmetic products and weapons. Furthermore, in CS2, some players may want to customize their expensive inventory, and Japanese anime stickers are a popular option.

For example, different-looking, exotic, and cool stickers are waiting for you in CS2. While for some players it is not necessary but for others, it is a passion. In addition, that’s why we have listed the CS2 anime sticker for you.

1. Cheongsam | Holo

This sticker is of Chinese origin and is a figure belonging to Asian culture. It has a cute look with its high collar, side slit skirt, and AK-47 gun in hand. The Cheongsam sticker is part of the case called “Perfect World Sticker Capsule 1“. This capsule was released as a commemoration of the release of CS2 in China.

If you add a lot of cool stickers to your skin, it’s important to know how you can profit from the skin used on that specific skin.

Price Range: $2.85 – $1.39

2. Kawaii Killer Terrorist

This is a great sticker for the CS2 terrorist team. It is one of the most used weapon stickers for those who want to create anime inventory. If you want to have this sticker, you need to buy the “Community Stickers Series 5” capsule.

Price Range: $1.79 – $0.79

3. Water Gun

This CS2 anime sticker is designed on the image of an anime girl with blonde hair, wearing a black Cheongsam dress, and holding a water gun. You can stick it on skins dominated by pink or red paint because it will look more aesthetic. If you want to have this sticker, you need to open “Perfect World Sticker Capsule 1” or if you want to go for certainty, choose the sticker in Tradeits inventory and trade an item from your own steam inventory for it or purchase it using PayPal, crypto or credit card.

Price Range: $1.92 – $1.10

4. T On Cat

It is designed with a T-member on the back of a cat reminiscent of Anime and Manga illustrations. With its extremely fun look, it is an indispensable sticker for Anime inventories. Added to the community market as part of the “Community Stickers Series 2” capsule.

Price Range: $1.10 – $0.66

5. Noodles

Noodles is a dish belonging to Asian culture, especially Japan. It is consumed quite a lot and served in many different ways. Most gamers are accustomed to convenient meals and snacks. In CS2, on the other hand, the Noodles sticker is a nice detail to highlight the anime culture. You can buy this CS2 sticker from Tradeit, the community market or you can get it by opening “Perfect World Sticker Capsule 1“.

Price Range: $0.52 – $0.15

6. Fancy Koi

This CS2 anime sticker fish is an emotional and interacting fish that came from the magical world of Japanese culture and anime. CS2 design team is the one who developed this sticker. Moreover, this sticker is a combination of orange and yellow colors and is not on the list for CS2 expensive stickers. This sticker comes out of “Perfect World Sticker Capsule 1.”

Price Range: $0.52 – $0.30

7. Ivette | Holo

Ivette, one of the pin-up girl girls, draws a strong image with her sweet smile and feminine stance. In CS2, this sticker is a part of the “Pinups Capsule“. You can also buy this sticker on the community market for $5-$8.

Price Range: $4.50 – $3.47

8. Work For Ammo

Who can resist a pink hippopotamus who has to work for ammo? This sticker, which looks like it came out of Disney cartoons, will add troll to your weapons. As you can buy the sticker, you also have the chance to get the “Community Stickers Series 3” capsule by opening it.

Price Range: $0.98 – $0.67

9. Witchcraft

Next up is another collectible anime item. Witchcraft is a sticker that fantasy anime lovers can use. Moreover, if the players want, they can open the “Community Stickers Series 4” capsule and get a chance to get the sticker.

Price Range: $1.08 – $0.87

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