TOP 15 Cheap Rust Skins

Find cheap rust skins at bargain prices. for weapon & items for your Rust character.

Since its release in 2018, Rust has attracted many audiences and continues to be popular. Other than the gameplay, skins have become a common aspect for players in Rust. Since it is a Steam-based game, Rust has different, cheap, cool, and interesting skins and items you can choose and today we will cover the cheap Rust skins available in-game.

From clothes to weapons, from home decorations to boxes, and even a sleeping bag, this game offers skins for almost everything. This proves that having so many skins only leads to one thing: the economy. Trading even cheap skins in Rust is easier and more profitable than you might imagine. Let’s see which skins you can do this with.

1. Memories AR

Category: Weapon

Price: $0.91

This Assault Rifle skin has cartoonish illustrations but looks very colorful and stylish. Also, it has some unique flower motifs on faux wood. Its fun and lighthearted theme somewhat misleads the fact that this weapon is dangerous. However, do not forget that this is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

cheap rust skins

2. Little Nightmare

Category: Combat Knife

Price: $0.78

The Bone Club is coming to strike fear into the enemies. As everyone knows, the Combat Knife is extremely useful when you don’t have a weapon. That’s why you should always have it with you and you can decorate it with this cheap skin. The Bone Club has the face of a monster with an open mouth and blue glowing eyes. Also, the rest of the weapon is wrapped in bloody rags. So creepy and spooky!

cheap rust skins

3. Eat Me Chestplate

Category: Armor

Price: $0.77

Eat Me Chestplate fascinates everyone with its pink and chocolate-covered appearance. In the middle there is a huge strawberry dipped in chocolate, and it’s hard to not resist eating it. And yes, even though it looks so sweet, it can still protect you from enemy bullets… Be careful, don’t let the enemies stop fighting and try to eat this delicious chest when they see you like this!

cheap rust skins

4. Zap Slasher

Category: Combat Knife

Price: $3

You will feel like Zeus the God of Thunder when you are wielding this… Who can resist this sword’s electrifying and cool appearance? We assure you that the moment you hold it in your hands, you will feel the real power and will fearlessly destroy your enemies. In addition, the cartoonish and colorful theme of the knife reminds you of the Thor or Zeus comic books.

cheap rust skins

5. Burnout

Category: Weapon

Price: $1.66

Do you want to use a little color to spice up your powerful but old-looking MP5? You found the right masterpiece. The purple flames in the middle of the gun give it a pretty sick look. Giving a gothic race car theme, this weapon and chalky designs show some this is an interesting and unique piece.

cheap rust skins

6. Captain’s AR

Category: Weapon

Price: $1.20

This very eye-catching and colorful weapon is an invitation to make you the most spectacular player in the game. This epic weapon provides you a fresh and heartwarming look thanks to the sea and beach themes it reflects. Even this oceanic feeling, may make you feel like a pirate or a captain.

cheap rust skins

7. Venomous Shot

Category: Gun

Price: $1.12

Players who see that you have this skin will do their best to get it from you! Who wouldn’t want this stunning and dazzling gun with graffiti colors? And despite being so glamorous, it is one of the cheap Rust skins. These neon tiger stripes look so eye-catching and different. And isn’t the name so striking?

cheap rust skins

8. Native Hunting Bow

Category: Weapon/Bow

Price: $1

Tired of ordinary Rust bows too? We have a great piece for you. This skin adds a primitive and original look to your ordinary bow, turning it into a carved recurve bow that has really faded from use, battle-seen, and decorated accordingly. In a game based on survival in nature like Rust, this weapon that reflects the wilderness and real history is just for you. And it’s only $1.

cheap rust skins

9. Lost Treasure Rock

Category: Weapon/Rock

Price: $1.30

Rocks is one of the items given to you at the beginning of the game. You start with a rock before crafting other items. In other words, starting the game with a boring look from the beginning does not add enthusiasm to the game. That’s why rock skin is crucial. This rock skin is embellished with precious red and green stones on a golden surface and looks like a million-dollar treasure. If you want to get such a rich look for such a cheap price, this is your chance.

cheap rust skins

10. Rotten Scalp

Category: Clothing

Price: $1.40

We know few things as scary as zombies, and we agree on how brutal they are. Resembling the skin of a creature that had mutated and evolved a great deal in the past, this rotten pale mask will cause all your opponents to flee when they see you.

cheap rust skins

11. Winter Hoodie

Category: Clothing

Price: $3.22

If you have settled in the snowy mountains of Rust or love to fight in the cold, this Hoodie will both keep you warm and help you camouflage. Having this bright coat, which looks very stylish and elegant, in your inventory will add a great atmosphere to you.

cheap rust skins

12. Farmer Straw Hat

Category: Clothing

Price: $2.15

Farming has always been one of the leading ways of survival in survival games. If you want to maintain a steady supply of food while surviving the harsh conditions of Rust, you have to look like a real farmer. Here Farmer Straw Hat is waiting for you these days. It also provides you with sun protection.

cheap rust skins

13. Missing Textures T-Shirt

Category: Clothing

Price: $1.22

This T-shirt, which creates a very cool and modern look with its black squares on the pink surface, is among the cheap Rust skins. Combining this piece can be a lot of fun. Why don’t you try?

cheap rust skins

14. Carrot Launcher

Category: Weapon

Price: $1,18

Generally, the Rocket Launcher is known as one of the most fearsome weapons in the game because it is very powerful and has the power to destroy everything. But this Carrot Launcher skin makes this dangerous weapon look very sweet and stylish and makes it a Carrot Launcher. Its rusty appearance has been replaced with more colorful and orangeish colors. If only the bullets were like carrots then it would be 10/10.

cheap rust skins

15. Building Block Hammer

Category: Weapon

Price: $1.55

Isn’t it completely similar to the toy building block hammers we made in our childhood? You will feel both nostalgic and chirpy while using this hammer. Featuring legos, sweet stickers, and cute blocks, this hammer is even tougher than it looks. Wouldn’t you like to spice up your Rust adventure with this cheap and awesome skin?

cheap rust skins


1. How do I get Rust skins?

There are several ways to get Rust skins. We will share with you the easiest and the most common ones.
First method: You can buy skins by going to the Item Store in the game, there are some skins that the game offers itself. But it is not the most preferred method as there are very few skins here.
Second method: You can browse the Rust items on the Steam Community Market and get different items and skins there. If you go to your Steam, then Steam Market, you can filter your search according to the game, item names, or even item types. There are so many Rust items and skins to choose from.
Third method: You can easily transfer skins to your account using third-party apps. Platforms like make this event both safer and more diverse for you. On these platforms, you can both buy the best Rust skins and sell them for real money. It is so easy to trade on these platforms as they are very reliable and have a very comfortable interface.

2. How do I get free rust skins?

You get a free Rust skin every 100 hours of active game-play time, this will grant you a random drop. This can be included every time. It means the more you play the game, the more items you get. Some Rust servers change the drop rate and time according to their rules. You can check it out.

3. How to design skins in Rust?

To design skins in Rust, enter the game, and click Workshop on the main page. After that, it’s up to your creativity. You can design items and skins as you wish. But this method is not preferred because it takes a lot of time and is not easy.

However, if you are confident in yourself, it’s worth a try. But you should know that not every item you create is offered directly to the market. It must first go through an approval stage, then you and other players can use that item and you can profit from it.

4. Where to buy cheap Rust skins?

Buy cheap Rust skins:
Steam Marketplace: Official, safe, but might not be the cheapest.
Trusted 3rd-party marketplaces: Look for reputable sites like


In a nutshell, in this article, we introduce you to the most cheap Rust skins. By adding these unique and eye-catching skins to your inventory, you can add a change to your atmosphere in the game, maybe you can enjoy the game more.

If you have any issues you want to add or consult, you can contact us at any time.

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