How to Easily Convert Valorant to CS2 Sens

Converting your Valorant sensitivity to CS2 sens is easy. All you need to do is multiply the Valorant sensitivy by 3.18.

Welcome to this step-by-step guide on converting your Valorant sensitivity to CS2 and vice versa. By following these instructions, you can ensure consistent precision and quick aiming across both games.

Get ready to enhance your gaming performance and dominate the battlefield with impeccable aim using our comprehensive sensitivity guide!

Understanding the Importance of Sensitivity in Valorant and CS2

Sensitivity in Valorant and CS2

Sensitivity is crucial for achieving precision and swift aiming in tactical shooters like Valorant and CS2. Striking a perfect balance in sensitivity settings gives you full control over your in-game actions, optimizing your performance.

Finding the best CS2 sensitivity is key, as it directly impacts the speed and accuracy of your mouse movement.

One recommended method to improve aim in demanding games is to slightly lower the sensitivity settings. This adjustment enhances aim in tactical shooters by allowing for more precise and controlled mouse movements, minimizing the risk of overcompensation and missed targets.

Steps to Convert Sensitivity Between Valorant and CS2

1. Find Your Current Sensitivity Settings

To determine your current sensitivity in Valorant and CS2, you have a couple of options. You can refer to the in-game settings or utilize console commands like “sensitivity” specifically in CS2.

To determine your current sensitivity in Valorant and CS2:

Valorant Sensitivity

Valorant Sensitivity

  1. Valorant:
    • Open the game.
    • Go to Settings > Mouse.
    • Note down your sensitivity value.
  2. CS2:
    • Open the game.
    • Go to Settings > Keyboard/Mouse.
    • Note down your sensitivity value.
    • Alternatively, use the console command sensitivity to find your current value.

Applying the formula, which essentially divides CS2’s sensitivity by 3.18, helps maintain the same level of sensitivity in both games. As a result, your aiming and overall gaming performance can significantly improve.

CS2 Sensitivity

CS2 Sensitivity

2. Use the Conversion Formula

Consistency and improved performance can be achieved by maintaining the same sensitivity in both Valorant and CS2.

Sensitivity converter tools are valuable for this purpose, enabling you to convert your sensitivity settings between the two games and maintain consistent precision.

– From Valorant to CS2

Once you have found your current sensitivity settings, a simple conversion formula can be used to adjust Valorant sensitivity to CS2 sensitivity.

This involves multiplying your Valorant sensitivity by 3.18 while taking into account your mouse DPI for optimal results.

  1. Multiply your Valorant sensitivity by 3.18.
  2. Example: If your Valorant sensitivity is 0.35, then your CS2 sensitivity will be 0.35×3.18=1.1130.35 \times 3.18 = 1.1130.35×3.18=1.113.
valorant to cs2 sens

– From CS2 to Valorant:

Once you have found your current sensitivity settings, a simple conversion formula can be used to adjust Valorant sensitivity to CS2 sensitivity.

  1. Divide your CS2 sensitivity by 3.18.
  2. Example: If your CS2 sensitivity is 1.5, then your Valorant sensitivity will be 1.5÷3.18=0.4721.5 \div 3.18 = 0.4721.5÷3.18=0.472.
CS2 to valorant sens

This straightforward conversion method allows for effortless switching between the two games while maintaining consistent precision.

Whether you’re searching for a Valorant sens converter or looking to convert CS2 sensitivity to Valorant, this method proves highly effective.

3. Fine-Tuning Your Converted Sensitivity

After converting your sensitivity, whether through a manual formula or an online converter, fine-tuning the newly adjusted settings is crucial.

Fine-Tuning Your Converted Sensitivity

Modern mice typically perform best at slightly higher DPI levels. Additionally, the ideal mouse DPI setting can vary based on the genre of the game, personal preferences, and even the resolution of the monitor being used.

1. Considering DPI

Mouse DPI (Dots Per Inch) plays a crucial role in sensitivity. A higher DPI translates to faster cursor movement on the screen for the same physical movement.

Therefore, when using a higher DPI, you’ll need a lower in-game sensitivity to achieve the same overall movement distance.

2. Disclaimers and Accuracy

The conversion factor (3.18) might not be universally perfect. Slight variations can exist between different games and personal preferences.

While the formula provides a good starting point, fine-tuning your sensitivity in-game after applying the conversion is highly recommended. This helps achieve the perfect balance between speed and precision for your specific setup and playstyle.

3. Alternative Conversion Methods

Some online converter tools might utilize a different method for conversion, considering additional factors like your monitor resolution. Experimenting with different conversion methods can sometimes yield better results.

To adapt to your heightened sensitivity, playing Deathmatches and making necessary micro-adjustments is recommended.

This approach allows you to test your new settings in real-time scenarios, facilitating the discovery of an ideal balance between precision and speed that suits your unique play style.

Tips for Adjusting to Your New Sensitivity

  1. Gradual Adjustments: Make small adjustments to your sensitivity until you discover the optimal setting that suits your preferred playstyle. Gradual changes are more effective than drastic ones as they allow your muscle memory to adjust more efficiently.
  2. Practice in Aim Trainers: Practicing in Aim trainers or empty servers allows you to create a controlled environment for testing and adjusting the settings without the pressure of competing against other players.

Utilizing Online Valorant to CS2 Sens Converter

If you prefer a more user-friendly approach to converting your sensitivity settings, there are online sensitivity converters like Aiming.Pro and Gaming Smart.

These platforms offer convenient and accurate methods for converting your sensitivity settings between different games.

Using a sensitivity converter calculator for game conversions allows you to maintain consistent sensitivity across all shooter games, enabling effortless switching between games without compromising performance.

Consistency Across Games: Benefits of Using the Same Sensitivity

Maintaining consistent sensitivity across games enhances your gaming performance by developing muscle memory and aiming for consistency.

By using the same sensitivity settings in your favorite games, you become more familiar with the game mechanics, enabling quicker and more accurate reactions to in-game situations.

It’s worth noting that maintaining the same sensitivity across different games may not always be feasible due to variations in-game mechanics.

Sensitivity conversion tools can be incredibly useful in finding the optimal settings for each game while ensuring consistency throughout your gaming experiences.


To optimize your gaming performance in both Valorant and CS2, achieving the perfect sensitivity settings is crucial.

Understanding the significance of sensitivity, finding your current settings, and utilizing manual conversion formulas or online converters will help you maintain consistency and precision across both games.

Enhance your new sensitivity settings by practicing in Deathmatches or Aim trainers, and remember to stay patient and persistent in your pursuit of gaming excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert Val Sens to CS?

If you want to convert your Valorant se­nsitivity to CS2, here’s a simple me­thod. Just multiply your Valorant sensitivity by (3.18). By doing so, you’ll have the same­ level of sensitivity in CS2, as long as you don’t adjust your mouse­ DPI.
That’s your new sensitivity and you’re all set to dominate!

Is Val Sens the same as CS2?

No, it’s not, you need to multiply the Valorant sensitivity by 3.18 to get the same sensitivity in CS2.

What sensitivity is too high for CS2?

A sensitivity range­ of 3+ in CS2 with 400 DPI is too high and can hinder optimal performance. To improve­ your gameplay, it is recommende­d to dedicate time to practicing with various se­ttings and subsequently adjusting the se­nsitivity until you find the perfect balance­.

What is the sensitivity of CS2 vs Valorant?

The sensitivity of CS2 is equivalent to multiplying your Valorant sensitivity by 3.18, provided that your mouse DPI remains unchanged.

How can I find my current sensitivity settings in Valorant and CS2?

To configure your se­nsitivity settings in Valorant and CS2, you have a couple of options. You can che­ck the in-game settings whe­re you’ll find the respe­ctive options.

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