The Dota 2 Avoid Player Feature

Anyone who plays Dota 2 regularly at a high-enough MMR will encounter the same people repeatedly. This is true for any Divine rank, but it’s even more true for Immortal players. And even if you’re competing in a lower MMR bracket, you still have a small chance of playing with the same teammate twice.

When you encounter account buyers or people who are weak in their MMR, you can avoid them in future games by telling the game client never to allow a situation in which the two of you are on the same team. The Dota 2 avoid player feature requires you to use Dota Plus, which costs only a few dollars per month.

Why and How You Should Avoid Certain Players

Dota 2 Avoid Player Feature

When trying to gain MMR, you need your teammates to be as good as possible for your current bracket. And on top of that, you want them to be decent people to whom you can talk.

A player who is unskilled or very toxic will significantly lower your team’s odds of success. Sometimes, at the end of a bad loss, you will want to report such players, and when you do, you’ll get a chance to avoid them in the future by checking a box. You can also make a note that explains who the person is or why you chose to avoid them.

This is an excellent way of ensuring you don’t run into the same ruiner twice. But remember that the lower your MMR, the less useful this feature will be. At low MMRs, there are probably hundreds of thousands of players that you can be paired with.

Banning one from your teams won’t do much good unless you play 500 – 1000 games at the same MMR while that player stays at that MMR. In every other scenario, the likelihood of bumping into the guy again is slim. 

Imagine, for instance, that you’re living in New York City. With millions of people around, you’ll not likely encounter the same stranger twice if you only leave the house from time to time and pick a different location each time.

If you’re a Divine Dota 2 player, the Dota 2 avoid player feature becomes much more critical. And that’s because the number of players who compete at this level is much smaller. Therefore, the chance of bumping into the same guy twice in weeks or months is relatively high.

Enhancing the Dota 2 Avoid Player Feature

If you have a Dota Plus Subscription, you will have the option to enhance your Dota 2 avoid player feature by paying 35,000 shards. These shards are gained by playing the game. The more weekly matches you play, the easier it is to collect a lot of shards.

This amount will add more slots to your avoid player feature, which means the number of players you can avoid will be more significant. Make sure, however, that you don’t misuse this feature. Some players are pretty good, but they happened to have a bad game.

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