Top 10 TF2 Butterfly Knife Skins

TF2 butterfly knife skins

The Spy’s most dangerous melee weapon is the butterfly knife. With its foldable feature and sharp edge, butterfly knives are among the indispensable cosmetic collection products of the TF2 community. Valve has designed dozens of skins for butterfly knives over the years. We have listed the best butterfly knife skins that the TF2 community likes and uses for you.

Hana Knife (Minimal Wear):

The Hana Knife is a nice-looking butterfly knife painted in pink. Especially the flowers on the blade part and the handle made it look naive. The Hana knife skin was added to the game with the Winter 2017 War Paint Case. If you want, you can buy the skin directly or try your luck by opening the case after purchasing it.

Price: $1.11 – $1.43

Winter 2017 War Paint Case Price: $3.27 – $3.63

Release Date: It became publicly available in the game on December 2, 2017, with the Smissmas 2017 update.

Strange Australium Knife:

One of the most preferred skins among Australium weapons is the Strange Australium Knife. Australium weapons are extremely rare items. And players experience great happiness after obtaining skins for these weapons. Australium butterfly knife is entirely gold plated. It has a tough look with metallic gray and black pattern in the middle of the handle.

Price: $42.99 – $49.42

Haunted Ghosts Knife (Factory New):

The Haunted Ghosts Knife has an image painted in different shades of black and green. It is decorated with green ghost figures, especially from the middle of the blade to the sharp end. It became publicly available in the game on October 19, 2018, as a result of the Halloween event. Haunted Ghosts Knife, which has dozens of varieties, is available in the community market with different price ranges. If you want to add this butterfly knife to your collection, you can either buy it directly or try to get it by opening the case directly.

Price: $0.85 – $1.95

Collection: Scream Fortress X Collection

Case: Scream Fortress X War Paint Case

Airwolf Knife (Factory New):

Here comes the Airwolf Knife! Now it’s time for perhaps one of the favorite butterfly knife skins of most players in TF2. Painted in black, red, and white, this blade has the appearance of a zebra. The red paints on the handle and tip of the knife seem to have been sprayed. You can access this skin with Warbird Weapons Case as well as buy it from 3rd party sites and community market.

Price: $2.36 – $3.40

Case: Warbird Weapons Case

Price: $2.54 – $4.15

Release Date: December 17, 2015

Dressed to Kill Knife (Minimal Wear):

Its worn look is designed with dark brown tones. The rusty dark yellow image on the tip of the blade has added a historical look. Thanks to its cheap price, it is in 5th place on our Dressed to Kill list, which is very much in the inventory of TF2 players.

Price: $1.99 – $2.49

Collection: The Gentlemanne’s Collection

Festive Knife:

As the New Year celebrations approach, the TF2 community is starting to use skins suitable for it. Will there be special skins for TF2 on New Year’s Eve this year? It’s not certain, but it’s time for one of the best skins to come, “Festive Knife.” The sharp part of the blade consists of flashing lights equipped with various LED decorations. It has a very fun look with its classic handle and gray and black patterns.

Price: $2.49 – $2.78

Collection: Festive Weapons

Stabbed to Hell Knife:

It has the coolest butterfly knife look with the image coming from hell. With its blood-red and metallic gray paint, the blade’s blade resembles hellish lava. You will definitely feel special when you use this knife. If you want to buy this knife, you can use the community market, or you can get it by opening the Pyroland Weapon Case. Good luck 🙂

Price: $1.77 – $1.88

Collection: Pyroland Collection

Release Date: 17 Aralık 2015

Spirit of Halloween Knife (Field-Tested):

It has decorations of orange skulls, ghosts, and various Halloween figures on purple. It is in the collection of TF2 players with a cheap purchase price. If you want, you can try your luck with War Paints by purchasing the Scream Fortress X Collection package.

Price: $0.21 – $0.40

Collection: Scream Fortress X Collection

War Paint: Spirit of Halloween War Paint

Release Date: October 19, 2018

Blitzkrieg Knife (Factory New):

Its classic and plain appearance has emerged as a result of painting the sharp part of the knife with a light yellow color. The Blitzkrieg Knife is a butterfly knife that is frequently obtained and used by players. It is a member of the Blitzkrieg weapons in the Warbird Collection.

Price: $0.90 – $1.03

Case: Warbird Weapons Case

Release Date: December 17, 2015

Black Rose:

This butterfly knife has two styles, the “M”stery, and True Love.””The style we will review is “Black Rose,” the handle has paintings in pink and decorations of a black rose mark on it. The tip of the blade has a sharp and serrated appearance. It is extremely expensive and one of the hardest items to find in the TF2.

The only way to get this skin is: item was awarded to players who completed the Alliance of Valiant Arms achievement 1st One Down by creating a character and playing their first game. However, as the game closed on June 29, 2018, access to this item is now completely disabled.

Price: $585.19 – 591.21


This article introduced you to the best Top 10 butterfly knife skins in TF2, a very popular and played game. If you want to have the coolest and most remarkable skins in this game, these skins are for you. These skins will make a fun game like TF2 even more colorful. Also, if you want to learn more about getting TF2 skins, you can browse this article.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions to ask if you want to add something or wonder something.

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