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Trade Rare CSGO Knives

Knives serve as one of the basic melee weapons in CSGO. These basic weapons stay on the player, as they can’t be dropped by players on a death, with a few noticeable exceptions. In all CS gams, knives are always equipped in the melee weapon slot, and they can’t be bought or traded. Knife kills can be challenging, which is why they give the most amount of money among all weapons. They have short range and can be used for quick primary attacks with low damage or slower secondary attacks with higher damage.

Knives allow for the highest speed of movement among all other weapons. They’re ideal if you’re running away from an explosion or if you’re trying to outrun your opponents to get into position. In close-combat situations, knives are ideal since they’re usually faster than reloading a weapon. Lots of techniques and stats revolve around the use of knives, making them a very valuable weapon. No matter what type of knife you’re looking for, you’ll find it on Tradeit’s easy-to-use marketplace.

Skins for all Types of Knives CSGO

Aside from CSGO’s default knife model, there are many varieties of knives in CSGO. Instead of waiting for the one you like to fall in your lap, buy, sell or trade your CSGO knives on Tradeit. We offer the best prices and 200 ways to get your payout. Instead of paying the high prices on Steam or third-party sites, rely on Tradeit to get you the gear you need for less. Turn to us for all types of CSGO knives, including:

Beat the Odds with Rare CSGO Knife Skins

On average, a CSGO knife skin is pulled one time for every four hundred cases opened. 1 in 400 makes for rather expensive odds. Unless you have endless cash to spend on cases—or you’re feeling very lucky—it’s better to secure your CSGO knife for cheap on Tradeit. We have incredibly rare, unique and valuable knife skins in stock every day, and our inventory is changing by the minute. Customize your CSGO knife with skins like:

  • Damascus Steel
  • Doppler
  • Marble Fade
  • Rust Coat
  • Tiger Tooth
  • Ultraviolet

The Best Place to Find Cheap CSGO Knives

Statistics show that the higher your rank as a CSGO player, the more often you’re using a knife in battle. Whether you’re a brand-new player or an experienced one, the knife is generally underrated. It both increases your movement speed and assists in silent kills.

So, whether you’re looking for a survivalist Huntsman Knife or a powerful cleaver like the Bowie, and whether you’re looking for rare finishes like Damascus Steel or Tiger Tooth, your hunt starts and ends at Tradeit. Our secure, user-friendly marketplace is the best spot to find CSGO knives and knife skins that elevate your loadout. We always have something interesting and cool in stock!