How To Play Arms Race in CS2?

Discover the excitement of playing Arms Race in CS2. Follow our guide to learn how to play and dominate this thrilling deathmatch mode.

Ready to dive into one of the most exhilarating modes in Counter-Strike 2? Arms Race is where the chaos of deathmatch meets the thrill of a weapon progression system. Here’s how you can play arms race in CS2 and dominate your way to victory.

Finding Arms Race Mode

Arms Race Mode
  • Press Play: Start by launching CS2 and hitting the play button at the top of the screen.
  • Matchmaking Section: Navigate to the matchmaking section.
  • Select Arms Race: Look for the Arms Race option and select it.
  • Start Playing: Now, just click to start your game and you’re in!

The Gameplay

Arms Race is a deathmatch mode where you cycle through different weapons with each kill, and the first player to get a kill with every weapon wins. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Weapon Progression: Every two frags move you up a level, changing your weapon.
  • Respawns: You can die and respawn quickly, so there’s no downtime. You keep your progress between respawns.
  • Victory Condition: The race is on! Be the first to cycle through all weapons and secure the final kill with the knife or the Zeus to win.

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Weapon List for Arms Race

Here’s the arsenal you’ll be working with:

  1. Automatic Rifle
  2. Sniper Rifle
  3. Four Assault Rifles
  4. Machine Gun
  5. Three Submachine Guns
  6. Heavy Pistol
  7. Three Pistols
  8. Two Shotguns
  9. Knife (or Zeus)

Tips to Dominate Arms Race

These have helped me, so while they might not work with your exact playstyle, I’ve still attempted to be as discreet as possible:

1. Keep Moving and Stay Aggressive

  • Mobility is Key: Since respawns are quick, keep moving to avoid being an easy target.
  • Aggressive Play: Push forward and engage enemies. The more you kill, the faster you progress through the weapons.

2. Master Every Weapon

  • Adapt Quickly: You’ll need to be proficient with a variety of weapons, so get comfortable with each one.
  • Focus on Weak Spots: Knowing where to aim with each weapon can make a big difference. Headshots are always effective, but learn the nuances of each gun.

3. Map Awareness

  • Know Your Surroundings: Valve has included Baggage and Shoots in the Arms Race map pool. Learn these maps to anticipate enemy movements and find the best spots for ambushes.
  • Use the Environment: Take advantage of cover and high ground to get the drop on your opponents.

4. Final Kill Strategy

  • Knife or Zeus: When you’re down to the final kill, play smart. The knife requires you to get close, so use stealth and surprise to your advantage.
  • Avoid Crowds: In the final stage, avoid large groups of enemies where you can be easily taken down before landing the final blow.

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Arms Race in CS2 is all about speed, adaptability, and knowing your arsenal. By staying mobile, mastering each weapon, and using the maps to your advantage, you’ll be well on your way to dominating this fast-paced mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Arms Race work in CS2?

In Arms Race, players progress through a series of weapons by getting kills. The first player to get a kill with all assigned weapons wins the match.

Is Arms Race coming to CS2?

Yes, Arms Race is already available in CS2, offering fast-paced action with a weapon progression system.

How to play Arms Race mode in CS:GO?

To play Arms Race in CS:GO, select the game mode from the Play menu under War Games, then choose a map and start the match.

How to play Arms Race?

In CS2, go to the Play button, navigate to the matchmaking section, select Arms Race, and join the game to start playing.

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