How to Improve Your FPS in CS:GO | Get More Frames for Each Second

how to improve fps csgo

FPS is one of the most crucial things in any PC game. In CS:GO, it can make a world of difference. High FPS will provide a clean experience that’s incredible visually and responsively. In contrast, low FPS can make the game next to unplayable. It all depends on several factors, some of which you might not be aware of. In this guide, we’ll cover how to improve your FPS in CS:GO.

There are loads of things you can do to boost your FPS in CS:GO. From changing the settings in the game to picking up some new hardware. All of them will boost the number of frames you get each second, but not all of them will make a huge difference. In this guide, we’ve gone through all of your options to ensure that you have the information you need.

What is FPS?

How to Improve Your FPS in CS-GO

FPS stands for frames per second. This is the number of times the visuals in your game refreshes within a single second. The higher the number, the more frames are being used every second. Most console games aim for at least 30 FPS. This is a steady refresh rate that makes a game visually impressive and stable. However, in CSGO, people strive for an FPS of 144 or higher as that is the common Hz of the screen. A higher frame rate makes a game look like it’s running faster, performing better, and players feel like they can do a lot more as well. Part of this is because the visual representation of button presses is a lot smoother and faster, making the game perform better.

Best CS:GO FPS Launch Options

Best CS-GO FPS Launch Options

The best CS:GO launch options for FPS completely depends on your personal preference and hardware. It is the best method when it comes to how to improve your FPS in CS:GO, though. You can set your launch options by going through the following steps.

  1. Open your Steam Library
  2. Right-click CS:GO and click on “Properties
  3. Click on “General” within the Properties popup
  4. Select “Launch Option Settings
  5. This will give you a popup in which you can set your CS:GO launch options
  6. Enter your launch options
  7. Press “OK” to confirm them

There are loads of things you can change here. Some will be dependent on how you prefer to play. Every string relates to a specific setting in the game, and by changing them here, you’re telling the game to open with these settings already changed. It avoids any need to open the settings menu once you’re in the game. We’ve put together what we think are the best CS:GO launch options for boosting your FPS and make your game run more smoothly.

-tickrate 128 +fps_max 0 -novid -nojoy -fullscreen -r_emulate_gl -limitvsconst -forcenovsync -softparticlesdefaultoff +mat_queue_mode 2 +r_dynamic 0

Type this into the popup that appears in Steam, and you’ll launch with what is generally regarded as the best launch options for FPS in the community.

Best Settings in CS:GO for FPS

Best Settings in CS-GO for FPS

There’s a lot to cover in terms of actual CS:GO settings when it comes to the best for FPS. In this section, we’ll dive into every area of the game’s settings and suggest what we believe is the best for your game. You’ll need to check if your machine is powerful enough to run all of these, but getting as close as possible is guaranteed to boost your FPS.

Resolution and Aspect Ratio

These areas are small changes that make a big difference to your game. The impact on your frame rate will be very noticeable, which is why this is one of the first settings you should visit.

Aspect ratio is usually related to your screen. It’s the size and shape that your screen displays. However, you can change this to make for a smoother experience. Most pros play at 4:3, so we suggest doing the same. It might not fill your monitor, but it will give you a better FPS.

Resolution should be kept low if your FPS is running at around 144. If you increase it, you’ll sacrifice frames for the sake of visual fidelity. You can still see the same objects on the screen with a lower resolution. If anything, lowering the resolution will boost your FPS. That’s the benchmark for pros and should be what you’re aiming for.

The most popular resolution options is 1024×768 or 1280×960

Refresh Rate

You want to have this pushed up to the max at all times. Pushing it isn’t just a case of changing some settings, though. Players want to have atleast 144Hz on their monitors and the more serious players tend to lean towads 244Hz monitors.

Remember that this needs to be increased in your GPU Panel, such as Nvidia or AMD‘s control panel.

Video settings

Lower all of the available settings to ”Low” or ”Very low” as CSGO doesn’t require high graphics and it is actually considered beneficial to go with lower settings. This is why we see all the professional players using the lowest graphic settings.