How to Get and Apply Rust Skins

Rust Skins

Rust is a very popular online multiplayer survival crafting game, available via Steam, and one way a player like you can stand out amongst the crowd is with some interesting cosmetics that bring a certain pop to your character. Rust skins are a great way to customize your character, but new players often don’t know where to get them, and more experienced players may be curious about the best way to get a skin they are after.

How to Get Rust Skins

There are numerous methods to get Rust skins, but be wary, not every retailer is reputable. It’s always good to choose a retailer that is legitimate to minimize your risk of getting scammed. There are both free, and paid options available for skins.

Purchase From In-Game Shop

The main source most people will run into when it comes to purchasing Rust skins is the in-game shop available straight from the main menu in game. Clicking on the Item Store in the main menu will open a whole store of skins for purchasing, these payments are done through Steam, so you can use Steam Credit, PayPal, Credit Cards, or whichever payment platform is available in your country. This method is safe and secure.

Purchase From Steam Community Market

When you open Steam, you can go to the community button at the top and select the Market. Browse by game Rust, and you can find a whole host of skins available for sale from other players. You can further narrow down your search by searching for a specific item, and the listing will show the current market price, and quantity available. Purchasing will use Steam Wallet Credit, so make sure you have some, or top it off. Again, this is a trustworthy way to get skins.

Skin Crates

If you are up for a more RNG style gaining of skins, you can purchase crates (either via the marketplace, like above), or you can craft skin crates using in-game resources. Crafted skin crates have four levels of quality, and require you to have the resources, so it can be quite the grind for the best crates. Always remember, what you get from crates is completely random.

Rust Skin Drops

There are two main types of skin drops when it comes to Rust. Firstly, if you are playing a server that enables skin drops, you can get random skin drops just from playing the game; although, it could take on average 100 hours of gameplay for a skin to drop. You can also get skin drops from Twitch. When Twitch drops Rust events, you can get skins by just watching your favorite Twitch Rust streamer.

Rust Skin Trading

You can choose to also trade skins within Steam with other players. However, scammers are abundant, so it’s a good option to instead go through a trusted website like ours, TradeItGG, for your skin trading. You can browse a wide array of items on our marketplace and purchase, trade, or sell your skins with other players on a highly-rated, secure site.

Applying Rust Skins

After purchasing, or trading for your new skin, you need to restart your game to see them applied. Once in game, you log into your character and open the inventory screen, browse through your item list and select the item type you want to equip the skin on. Once there, you can select the specific item, and select its skin, and click craft to make the skin. If you have an uncraftable item or want to apply the skin to a current item, just go to a repair bench, and apply the new skin.

Out-style The Competition

There is no competitive edge to Rust skins, but you can certainly improve your character’s look, and stun the competition, or your friends with your flare. If you are looking for a secure location to purchase, sell or trade for Rust skins, check out the TradeItGG marketplace today.