How to Get a Service Medal in CS2

Want to learn how to get a service medal in CS2? This guide tells you all you need to know about CS2 service medals and how to get them.

To learn how to get a service medal in CS2, you must first climb to the Global General Rank (Rank 40). What follows is a strategic blend of XP grinding and in-game performance that culminates in resetting your profile rank to claim your medal. This concise guide outlines the critical steps to achieving that goal.

Key Takeaways

  • The CS2 service medal is awarded to players who reach Global General Rank and choose to reset their profile rank. Medals are unique to each year and can be upgraded in color by repeating the rank reset process.
  • Service medals come in six color-coded tiers signifying the player’s level of achievement, with each successive tier representing a higher level of dedication and skill within the game.
  • Gaining experience points (XP) is essential for advancing profile ranks and earning service medals. Players should make strategic use of official game modes and weekly bonus XP systems to maximize their earnings and promote quick progression.

Unlocking Your CS2 Service Medal

how to get a service medal in CS2

Achieving a service medal in CS2 is a significant milestone that speaks volumes about a player’s skill and commitment. The path to this achievement starts with attaining the Global General Rank, the topmost CS2 Profile Rank. However, obtaining the esteemed service medal necessitates a profile rank reset.

Interestingly, these medals are not a one-size-fits-all. Each service medal is unique to its release year, reflecting the changing dynamics of the game every year.

Once you’ve secured the medal, the opportunity to upgrade it arises. To level up the service medal, players need to continue participating in official game modes, thereby further leveling up their CS2 profile.

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Resetting Profile Rank to Obtain the Medal

The path to the service medal involves a cyclical process of reaching the pinnacle and beginning anew. Upon securing the Global General Rank, players can choose to reset their profile rank. This is done by clicking the Get Service Medal button, which appears above the rank progress bar upon reaching global general rank 40.

After resetting the rank and receiving the service medal, players can continue to engage in competitive matchmaking without needing to reach Private Rank 2 again. More importantly, their matchmaking rating remains unaffected, allowing them to maintain their competitive edge.

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Understanding CS2 Service Medal Tiers and Colors

how to get a service medal in CS2

While the journey to the service medal is a thrilling one, the medal itself holds a world of intrigue. Counte­r-Strike 2 service medals come in six distinct tiers, each represented by a unique color. This color-coded system signifies a player’s level of achievement in the game, making each medal tier a coveted achievement.

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Tier Progression and Upgrades

The service medal serves as more than a fixed symbol; it dynamically signifies a player’s advancement. Upon its initial acquisition, the medal can be upgraded through six different levels. This requires reaching Rank 40 multiple times and resetting the rank each time to work towards the next medal tier.

Upgrading the service medal not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also signifies a higher level of achievement. Each upgrade after reaching Private Rank 40 multiple times within the same year improves the medal’s color, adding to its distinction and prestige.

CS2 Service Medal Levels: Color Significance and Rarity

Each tier of the CS2 service medal is associated with a specific color, reflecting its rarity and the achievement it represents. The first tier of the service medal is represented by the color gray, a humble beginning to an illustrious journey.

The colors progress as follows:

  • Green at the second tier
  • Blue at the third tier
  • Purple at the fourth tier
  • Pink at the fifth tier
  • Red at the highest, sixth tier

Each color upgrade marks a significant milestone, highlighting the player’s dedication and prowess in the game.

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Gaining XP and Advancing Your Profile Rank

how to get a service medal in CS2

Securing the Global General Rank and attaining a service medal involves a strategic and committed endeavor. A pivotal aspect of this journey involves amassing experience points (XP) and propelling your profile rank forward. 

The key to this lies in playing on official game servers and wisely choosing game modes to maximize XP gain, ultimately helping you reach global general.

Weekly Bonus XP and Special Events

In addition to the XP earned through game modes, CS2 offers weekly bonus XP pools and item drop allowances. Players receive a weekly bonus XP pool of 5,000 XP, which uses a decreasing multiplier starting at 3x for the first 3,500 XP and diminishes to 1x as the player approaches the 5,000 XP limit. 

Efficiently Playing Rounds to Maximize XP Gain

Efficient gameplay can significantly enhance XP gain. Modes like Deathmatch and Arms Race offer quick gameplay and high XP gain, making them optimal for players seeking swift progress. Competitive matches, on the other hand, reward XP at 30 times the number of rounds won, making them highly rewarding for those who excel in the game.


Earning a service medal in CS2 is a journey of skill, strategy, and dedication. From reaching the Global General Rank to resetting the profile rank, from understanding medal tiers and colors to gaining XP and advancing ranks, every aspect of this journey is laden with excitement and challenges. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unlock service medals in CS2?

To unlock service medals in CS2, you need to participate in official game modes and advance your CS2 profile by reaching the Global General Rank at level 40. Once you reach this level, you can reset your profile rank and earn or upgrade your service medal.

What rank is the service medal in CS2?

The Service Medal in CS2 is obtained by reaching rank 40, and receiving it does not affect a player’s competitive skill group or Prime Matchmaking eligibility.

How do you get the 2024 service medal in CS2?

To obtain the 2024 Service Medal in CS2, reach level 40 in your profile by participating in official game modes and collecting XP. Once you achieve this, your level will reset, allowing you to upgrade your current service medal.

What do the colors of the service medals represent?

The colors of the service medals represent different tiers of achievement, with each color representing a higher level of accomplishment. The colors range from gray to red, with red indicating the highest tier.

How to get gold medals in CS2?

This requires reaching Rank 40 and then claiming your CS2 service medal.

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