CS:GO Commands for Training

It is said that practice makes perfect. But in CS:GO, practicing means more than just solo-queueing for one game after another. This activity can be much more sophisticated, and professionals usually divide it into many components, such as team tactics, aim training, solo-queueing, scrims, replay analysis, and so on.

You often want to train in a controlled environment where you can learn how to perform certain tactics with a lot of precision. Whether interested in nade practice or something else, this article will introduce you to some of the most useful CS:GO commands for training.

The Usefulness of CS:GO Practice Commands

CS:GO practice commands allow you to customize your training environment. Sometimes you may want to add bots. Or perhaps you need a lot of money to buy guns without worrying about this part. Whatever your objective may be, there are CS:GO commands for practice that have been designed precisely for this purpose.

How to Use CS:GO Commands for Practice

To use CS:GO practice commands, you must first learn about the Console. This gives you the ability to use commands in the first place.

In CS:GO, the Console is usually connected to `, which means you can open it inside a game by pressing this key. If you want to change this key, you can go to Game Settings, click on the Keyboard/Mouse tab, and then locate the Toggle Console key. 

When you change the default, one thing you need to be careful about is not to override one of your other critical keys.

If you haven’t used the CS:GO Console before, you will need to enable it before you use it. Doing this is very simple. Just go to Settings, find the Game tab, and then find the Enable Developer Consol setting. Make sure its value is “Yes” and that’s it.


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A List of Some of the Most Important Practice Commands

Here are some of the most frequently used CS:GO commands for practice:

mp_buy_anywhere 1

This CS:GO console command allows you to start buying guns outside of the standard buy zone. This command, however, will not remove the buy time period. But there’s a solution for that as well.

mp_buytime [seconds]

This CS:GO command allows you to modify the standard buy time period. If you want to be able to buy for the first minute of the round, use mp_buytime 60.

sv_infinite_ammo [1 / 2]

If you want infinite ammo for your guns for whatever reason, you can give yourself infinite ammo with this command. And if you want to remove the need to reload your weapons, you can also do that by using sv_infinite_ammo 1.

mp_startmoney [amount]

If you want to start with a lot of money, you can change the default amount, which is $800, to whatever amount you desire. Around $100,000 should be more than sufficient for practice purposes.

mp_maxmoney [amount]

By default, the maximum amount of money you can have in CS:GO is $16,000. Of course, this does not include your current equipment. During CS:GO practice sessions, you may want to go above this limit from time to time, and this command gives the option to do that.


This command will start the warmup, generally used before a scrim or an actual match. You can think of it as the equivalent of warmup sessions from sports like football.


This command will instantly end the warmup. 

mp_restart game 1

If you ever want to restart a game, use this command, and your local server will restart it with a 1-second delay.


If you want to add a bot on the T side, you can do that with this command.


If you want to add a bot on the CT side, use this command instead.


By default, this CS:GO command will kick all the bots. But you can customize it to kick bots according to a given criterion. For example, you can kick all the bots on the T side: bot_kick t. Or you can kick all the hard bots: bot_kick hard. 

Based on your objective, you can use this command to do something more specific than simply kicking all the bots from the server. 

bot_stop 1

In some situations, you may want all the bots to stop and do nothing.

bot_mimic 1

Using this CS:GO console command tells the bots to mimic all of your actions. Using the command with a value of 0 will turn it off.


By utilizing this command, you are toggling god mode, which means that you will no longer take any damage and become immortal.


Works just like the previous command but for all players.

CS:GO Nade Practice Commands

These are the nade practice commands that are frequently used by professional CS:GO players:

sv_grenade_trajectory 1

This is a very useful command for practicing executes because it shows you the trajectory of each grenade you throw. Quite often, you will not succeed in making a grenade land where you want it to land from the first try. But if you can see its trajectory, you can adjust it more easily.

sv_grenade_trajectory_time [seconds]

If you want to continue seeing your grenades’ trajectory for longer, you can give this command your desired number of seconds. Usually, you’ll need anywhere between 30 and 60 seconds to figure out what the current trajectory is and what the correct trajectory should be.

This is probably the most important CS:GO smoke practice commands. 

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mp_ct_default_grenades [grenade_codes]

This command allows you to set the default grenades that CT players come equipped with. The default value is 0. The grenade codes look like this: weapon_flashbang, weapon_incendiary, weapon_smokegrenade, weapon_hegrenade, weapon_molotov, weapon_decoy.

A similar command can be used for the T side.


If you set the parameter of this CS:GO command to 1, bots will be allowed to use grenades.


This allows you to set the maximum number of grenades you can carry.