CS2 Weapon Tier List

Master the CS2 weapon tier list and dominate your matches. Learn which guns are god-tier and how to wield them to become a top fragger.

Going through the weapon choices in CS2 can feel like gearing up for a raid—some weapons are legendary, while others are more like common loot. Here’s my personal CS2 weapon tier list, breaking down which guns are god-tier and which ones should stay in your inventory only if you have no other choice.

Tier S

These are the weapons that can turn the tide of a match. Master these, and you’ll be top fragging in no time.

1. AK-47


The AK-47 is the king of rifles. With its high damage and one-tap headshot potential, it’s the go-to for T-side players.

Sure, the recoil is a beast, but once you tame it, you’re unstoppable. Its raw power and precision make it a must-master weapon for any serious player.

2. M4A4


For the CT side, the M4A4 is a solid choice. It’s reliable, accurate, and has a faster fire rate than the AK, making it perfect for holding angles and suppressing enemy advances.

The M4A4’s versatility and high rate of fire make it indispensable for defensive plays.

3. AWP


The AWP is the high-risk, high-reward sniper. One shot, one kill. Just don’t miss, or you’ll be out a hefty chunk of cash.

This weapon is essential for long-range picks and can turn the tide of the game with a single, well-placed shot.

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Tier A

Great for eco rounds or when you need a dependable backup.

1. M4A1-S


Quieter and more accurate than the M4A4, the M4A1-S is perfect for sneaky plays. The smaller mag is a downside, but its precision and reduced recoil make up for it.

This weapon is ideal for players who prefer a stealthier approach without sacrificing firepower.

2. SG553


The SG553, aka the Krieg, is a scoped rifle that’s perfect for long-range engagements. It’s a bit pricey, but the scope can give you a significant edge.

This weapon is excellent for players who value accuracy and range in their gameplay.

3. AUG


Similar to the SG553 but for CTs, the AUG’s scope and solid stats make it a strong contender in any firefight. It offers precision at longer ranges, making it a favorite for those who like to hold positions from a distance.

4. Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle

The Deagle is a beast in pistol form. High damage, but tough to master. Get good with it, and you can drop fully armored opponents with ease.

It’s the ultimate high-risk, high-reward sidearm that can turn the tide of eco rounds.

5. TEC-9


This semi-auto pistol is fantastic for T-side eco rounds. It’s cheap, fast-firing, and deadly in close quarters. The TEC-9 is perfect for aggressive plays and rushing bomb sites.



A budget M4 for CTs. It’s not as powerful, but in a pinch, the FAMAS can hold its own. It’s a great choice when funds are low but you still need a reliable rifle to defend bomb sites.

7. Galil


The T-side counterpart to the FAMAS. Cheap and effective, making it a solid choice for force buys. The Galil’s balance of cost and performance makes it a staple for T-side strategies.

8. SCAR-20


An automatic sniper rifle with high damage and fire rate. Expensive but can lock down long-range angles effortlessly.

It’s a powerful tool for holding chokepoints and picking off enemies from afar.

Tier B

These guns are dependable, especially if you’re low on cash.

1. P90


The P90 is for when you just want to run and gun. High fire rate and large mag make it great for eco rounds and fast plays.

It’s not the most cost-effective weapon, but it’s easy to use and can overwhelm opponents.

2. Glock-18


The default T-side pistol. It’s versatile with its burst fire mode, making it decent for both close and mid-range fights.

The Glock-18’s adaptability makes it a solid choice for aggressive pistol round strategies.

3. USP-S


The default CT-side pistol. Silenced and accurate, great for headshots. It’s the ideal starting weapon for precise players who prefer a stealthy approach in pistol rounds.

4. P250


A step up from the default pistols, the P250 is a solid choice for eco rounds. It offers good damage at a low cost, making it an excellent sidearm for those tight on cash.

5. UMP-45


Cheap and high-damage for an SMG, plus it gives a great kill reward. The UMP-45 is a reliable option for close-quarters combat, providing excellent value for money.

6. MP7


A versatile SMG that’s easy to handle and effective in close quarters. Its fast fire rate and manageable recoil make it a favorite for players looking to dominate at short range.

7. MP5-SD


Similar to the MP7 but silenced, making it great for stealthy plays. The MP5-SD is perfect for those who want to move quietly and take down enemies without giving away their position.

8. MAC-10


Fast and furious, the MAC-10 is perfect for T-side rushes. Its high fire rate and low cost make it ideal for aggressive, fast-paced strategies.

9. MAG-7


A shotgun that packs a punch. Great for holding tight angles and close quarters. The MAG-7’s high damage output makes it a fearsome weapon in the right hands.

10. G3SG1


The T-side auto-sniper. Expensive, but deadly from a distance. It’s perfect for locking down long sightlines and picking off enemies with ease.

Tier C

These weapons are okay but often outclassed by others.

1. Five-SeveN


High mag capacity and decent damage, but other pistols are often more reliable. It’s a solid sidearm for CTs, especially in close-quarter engagements.

2. CZ75


Fast firing but with a tiny mag. Great for quick kills if you’re accurate. The CZ75 is a high-risk, high-reward pistol that can be devastating in the right hands.

3. SSG-08 (Scout)

SSG-08 (Scout)

Great for mid-range sniping at a budget. It’s lighter and quicker than the AWP but requires a headshot for a one-hit kill. The Scout is perfect for those who like to snipe without breaking the bank.

4. P2000


Standard CT pistol, nothing spectacular but gets the job done in pistol rounds. The P2000 is reliable but generally overshadowed by other pistols.

5. Nova


Solid choice for close quarters but outclassed by the MAG-7 in most scenarios. It’s a cheap shotgun that can be deadly in the right situations.

6. XM1014


A semi-auto shotgun that’s fun in close quarters but can be inconsistent. The XM1014 is great for aggressive plays but can be tricky to master.

7. Negev


A light machine gun that’s great for suppressive fire, but its accuracy is lacking. The Negev can be useful for laying down a barrage of bullets, but its utility is situational.

Tier D

These weapons are best left alone unless you’re just having fun.

1. Dual Berettas

Dual Berettas

Dualies look cool, but they’re inaccurate and not very practical. They’re fun for novelty rounds but not much else.

2. PP-Bizon


High mag but low damage and accuracy. There are better SMGs out there. The Bizon is best avoided unless you’re really in a pinch.

3. R8 Revolver

R8 Revolver

High damage but extremely slow to fire. Only use if you’re feeling lucky. The R8 is a high-risk, high-reward pistol that’s more for fun than serious play.

4. Sawed-Off


A short-range shotgun that lacks versatility. Better options exist. The Sawed-Off is powerful up close but very situational.

5. M249


Expensive and inaccurate. There’s almost always a better choice. The M249 is more of a novelty than a practical weapon in most scenarios.


Crafting your ultimate loadout in CS2 is all about knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon. Whether you’re aiming for precision with an AWP or rushing with a MAC-10, understanding your arsenal is key to dominating the battlefield.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gun in CS2?

The AK-47 is widely considered the best gun due to its high damage and one-tap headshot potential.

What are the weapon categories in CS GO?

The weapon categories in CS GO include Rifles, SMGs, Heavy Weapons, Pistols, and Grenades.

What is the most popular weapon in CSGO?

The AK-47 is the most popular weapon in CSGO, favored for its power and versatility.

How many guns are in CS2?

CS2 features over 20 different guns, spanning various categories and play styles.

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