CS2 Terms & Slang

CS2 Terms and slang

Knowing the terms & slang in CS2 can make communication with teammates more efficient and enhance your overall gaming experience. Here’s a guide to some of the most commonly used terms and slang in CS2, broken down into different categories for easy reference.

General Gameplay Terms

EcoA round where you buy minimal or no gear to save money for future rounds.
BuyA round where you spend your saved money to purchase weapons and equipment.
Full BuyBuying the best weapons and full armor, usually including grenades.
Force BuySpending all your money on weapons and armor, even if you can’t afford a full buy.
SaveKeeping your current weapon and not engaging to save money and equipment for the next round.
RushA strategy where the entire team quickly attacks a single bombsite.

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Tactical Terms

StratShort for “strategy,” referring to planned team actions.
PushAggressively moving forward towards the enemy.
PeekQuickly looking around a corner to spot enemies.
HoldStaying in a specific area to defend it.
RotateMoving to a different bombsite or area in response to the enemy’s actions.
AnchorA player who stays at a bombsite even when the rest of the team rotates.

Communication Terms

Sniping Cs2
LongA long, open area of the map, often referring to specific maps like Dust II.
ShortA shorter, often narrower path on the map.
CTCounter-Terrorist spawn or side of the map.
TTerrorist spawn or side of the map.
MidThe middle area of the map.
HeavenA high vantage point, usually overlooking a bombsite.
HellA low area, often below a high vantage point like Heaven.

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Weapon Terms

AWPA powerful sniper rifle, also known as the “Big Green.”
DeagleShort for Desert Eagle, a powerful pistol.
AKShort for AK-47, a common Terrorist rifle.
M4Refers to M4A4 or M4A1-S, common Counter-Terrorist rifles.
UtilityRefers to grenades and other non-weapon equipment.

Bomb Terms

Killing a chicken CS2
PlantPlacing the bomb at a bombsite.
DefuseDisarming the bomb before it explodes.
FakePretending to plant or defuse to bait the enemy.
NinjaDefusing the bomb while remaining undetected by the enemy.

Movement Terms

StrafeMoving side-to-side while maintaining aim.
Bunny HopA technique to move faster by timing jumps and strafes.
Crouch JumpJumping while crouching to reach higher places or maintain accuracy.
BoostHelping a teammate reach a higher vantage point by letting them jump on top of you.

Banter and Trash Talk

cs2 post game
RektGetting completely dominated by an opponent.
NoobA new or inexperienced player.
GG“Good Game,” a common phrase said at the end of a match.
SaltFrustration or anger, often displayed after losing.
ClutchWinning a crucial round despite being at a disadvantage.
OwnageCompletely dominating the game or opponents.
TiltPlaying poorly due to frustration or losing focus.
SmurfAn experienced player using a new account to play against lower-ranked players.
CheeseUsing cheap or unconventional tactics to win.
FragGetting a kill.
SweatyPlayers or teams that try very hard with tactics and other methods.


In the world of CS2, it’s not just about skill—sometimes, it’s about having the right words to back it up. Whether you’re celebrating a sweet victory or poking fun at a buddy, these terms will have you sounding like a true CS2 pro. So, get out there, banter with the best, and remember: it’s all in good fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does KDA mean in CS2?

KDA stands for Kills, Deaths, Assists. It’s a statistic used to measure a player’s performance in a match, showing how many kills, deaths, and assists they’ve accumulated.

What is frag in CS2?

A frag refers to getting a kill in the game. It’s a common term used to describe eliminating an opponent.

What does NS mean in CSGO?

NS stands for “Nice Shot,” a compliment given to a player for making an impressive or skillful shot.

What does GH mean in CSGO?

GH stands for “Good Half,” a term used to commend the team’s performance at the end of the first half of the match.

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