A CS2 Nuke Callouts Guide

Counte­r-Strike 2 callouts are short names that allow players to convey critical information about an opponent’s position on a given map without having to provide a lot of explanations. Each map has dozens of important locations that have been named by players. To be a truly skilled competitor, you must know them.

In this guide, you will learn the most important CS2 Nuke Callouts.

Key Takeaways

  • The Nuke map in CS2 is complex and requires mastery of specific callouts and locations such as T-Spawn, A and B Plants, CT-Spawn, and key strategic areas like Outside and Ramp for successful navigation and strategy implementation.
  • Effective communication, teamwork, and map awareness are critical to the success on Nuke, which features a multi-tiered design with significant vertical gameplay elements that create unique navigational and strategic challenges.
  • Advanced gameplay on Nuke involves the tactical use of smoke grenades, understanding optimal smoke spots, and refining communication skills to enhance team coordination and strategies for both attacking and defending.

Essential Nuke Callouts for CS2 Players

cs2 nuke callouts

Nuke, with its elaborate design and rapid rotations, has secured its place in the heart of the CS2 universe. This nuclear power plant map provides a dynamic gameplay that demands strategic maneuvers in a complex environment.

Nuke is home to several key locations and positions, including:

  • T-Spawn and Outside
  • CT-Spawn and A Plant
  • Lobby and Ramp
  • B Cross and B Plant

Mastering these callouts can give your team the upper hand, enabling effective strategies and proficient gameplay.

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T-Spawn and Outside Area

T-Spawn, the starting point for the terrorist team, serves as the foundation for understanding the Nuke map. Adjacent to T-Spawn is the T Roof, accessible via a ladder, which also serves as the entry point to Silo.

The nuclear block design of Nuke adds complexity and strategic depth, demanding players to be aware of their surroundings and potential threats.

The Outside, situated between the Silo, Garage, Secret, and A Main, is integral in enabling movement across key locations. Near the CT Spawn and next to Secret, you’ll find the Garage, a strategic location often used by CT AWPers to guard the Silo.

Incorporating double doors in this area can help you navigate the map effectively and gain a strategic edge over your opponents, especially when using the secret entrance.

CT-Spawn and A Plant Zone

cs2 nuke callouts

Just as T-Spawn is crucial for the terrorist team, so is CT-Spawn for the Counter-Terrorists. CT-Spawn marks the starting point for the Counter-Terrorist team members each round. Nearby, you’ll find the CT Box, a strategic obstacle located near the stairs leading from CT Spawn.

The A-Plant zone houses the A Site, the designated area where the bomb can be strategically planted by the terrorist team. The big box in the A Site provides cover and strategic positioning for both attackers and defenders.

Gaining proficiency in callouts within the A Plant zone, like CT Box and A Site, is key to achieving success on Nuke.

Mastering Lobby and Ramp Positions

Located close to T Spawn, the Lobby is an essential area on the Nuke map. Bordered by Sandbags, Squeaky, and Radio, the Lobby offers multiple strategic options for players.

The Ramp position, on the other hand, provides access to B Site and plays a critical role in defense, making it a key area to master for both attackers and defenders.

The areas adjacent to the Lobby and Ramp, such as the Trophy, Radio, and Control, also play a crucial role in managing and controlling these areas.

Mastering these positions facilitates better coordination and control, which are central to executing team strategies. Hence, clear communication about these areas is imperative for asserting dominance there.

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B Cross and B Plant Strategies

On Nuke, navigating the B Cross and B Plant areas effectively can enhance gameplay and strategy. These are specific areas where players should prioritize planting the bomb or crossing to the site.

Understanding the precise positions on the Nuke map is crucial for the accurate execution of strategies. Efficient coordination with teammates and precise communication of enemy locations are essential during gameplay.

B Site, the area designated for planting the bomb, is a crucial objective for the attacking team, emphasizing the strategic significance of B Cross and B Plant strategies.

Map Awareness and Communication on Nuke

cs2 nuke callouts

On Nuke, the significance of map awareness and communication cannot be overstated. The map features two layers on the radar – one representing the above-ground level and the other the underground level.

This significantly impacts map awareness and strategic planning, necessitating coordinated tactics and proper usage of utility to effectively navigate and control the map.

Success on Nuke relies heavily on:

  • Teamwork
  • Coordination
  • Map knowledge
  • Efficient rotations
  • Strategic use of utilities

Getting acquainted with the map layout and achieving mastery in callouts is fundamental to a team’s triumph in CS2’s Nuke.

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Understanding Nuke’s Unique Layout

cs2 nuke callouts

Nuke’s layout is unique, characterized by its labyrinthine environment, vertical gameplay, and significant areas such as Outside, Lobby, and Tunnels.

This unique layout necessitates teams to utilize more advanced coordination and strategies, as they must secure and defend multiple levels simultaneously, posing a challenge to traditional horizontal defense and attack patterns.

Nuke’s multi-level layout, featuring above-ground and underground playing areas, sets it apart from other maps in CS2. The B Bombsite is notably situated directly under the A Bombsite, adding a unique navigational dimension to the gameplay.

Utilizing Key Areas for Strategic Advantage

cs2 nuke callouts

Key areas on Nuke, such as:

  • CT Ramp
  • T Trophy
  • CT Heaven
  • Mini/Main
  • T Squeaky
  • Vents
  • Hut
  • CT Outside
  • Secret
  • Garage
  • T Silo
  • Outside
  • Lobby
  • A Ramp

play a crucial role in establishing defensive positions and devising offensive strategies. Comprehending these areas and strategically utilizing them can provide a competitive edge.

Strategic positions for launching an attack and defending on CS2’s Nuke map, an important part of Counter-Strike history, encompass:

  • Outside (yard)
  • Lobby
  • Ramp
  • Garage
  • Secret
  • A and B plants

Vents and vantage points, such as bridges and rafters, offer enhanced visibility and opportunities for surprise attacks, altering the nature of engagements and gameplay dynamics on the Nuke map in CS2.

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Advanced Tips for Dominating Nuke in CS2

cs2 nuke callouts

To be a dominant force on Nuke, you must go beyond the basics. Advanced tips and tricks can help you gain an edge over your opponents. One such tactic involves the tactical use of smoke.

Understanding the optimal smoke spots and deploying them effectively can restrict sightlines, impede enemy rotators, and obstruct visibility and gunfire when traversing the ventilation shaft leading to the vents, offering substantial strategic benefits.

Apart from smoke tactics, honing callouts and communication skills is an advanced technique that can bolster team coordination and decision-making. Developing effective strategies for both CT and T sides, which includes understanding the specific callouts for each area, can provide teams with a competitive advantage.

Smoke Guide for Nuke

Smoke grenades are an essential tool in CS2, especially on a complex map like Nuke. Key smoke spots on Nuke include:

  • Trophy – Ramp Smoke
  • Turn Pike – Trophy Smoke
  • T Roof – Heaven Outside Smoke
  • T Roof – A Vent Smoke
  • Squeaky – A Main Smoke
  • T Spawn to Mini
  • T Spawn to Squeaky Door A Main
  • Silo to Heaven
  • Silo to Outside Heaven (Catwalk)
  • Dual Smoke to Outside

Smoke grenades can be utilized efficiently by blocking the view from heaven, securing a safer route for the Ts whilst traversing the outside area.

Creating a smoke wall on Nuke involves one player throwing smoke at the blue container outside of T Spawn while another player simultaneously deploys a smoke, effectively establishing a cover and obstructing vision for the attackers.

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Tips for New Players

cs2 nuke callouts

When navigating the Nuke map, it’s advisable to begin by heading to the corner adjacent to the truck at T-Spawn, then proceeding towards the Outside Area.

Engaging around the blue box, Blue-Crate, Garage, CT-Spawn, or outside Catwalk can be advantageous. Furthermore, grasping the callouts for CT-Spawn, A Plant Zone, T-Spawn, Outside, Lobby, and Ramp is indispensable for productive team communication.


For new players, understanding the Nuke map can seem daunting, but with the right approach, it can be mastered quickly. It’s crucial to acquaint yourselves with CT & T callouts, strategies, and tips. This fundamental knowledge will assist in understanding the map layout and enhancing the coordination and execution of strategies with your team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are callouts on a CS2 map?

Callouts on a map are brief descriptions used for effectively communicating positions to your team, often with one or two syllables related to specific map areas. They are used to quickly relay information such as where you are, the location of an enemy, or where a flash is occurring.

What distinguishes the Nuke map in CS2?

The Nuke map in CS2 is distinguished by its dynamic gameplay with two levels, vertical elements, a labyrinthine environment, and significant areas like Outside, Lobby, and Tunnels.

How can I effectively use smoke grenades on Nuke?

To effectively use smoke grenades on Nuke, it’s important to understand the optimal smoke spots and deploy them strategically to restrict sightlines and impede enemy movement.
You can obstruct visibility and gunfire when traversing the vents by utilizing key smoke spots such as Trophy – Ramp Smoke, Turn Pike – Trophy Smoke, and T Roof – Heaven Outside Smoke, among others.

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