Best TF2 Engineer Hats

best tf2 engineer hats

TF2 is a massive FPS game with hundreds of thousands of daily players. At the same time, TF2 has attracted attention for years with its competitive style, where there are different classes, and the fierce struggle continues. We have been writing about Team Fortress 2 cosmetics for a long time. We’ve compiled a list of dozens of cosmetic items for the Spy, Scout, and Engineer.

This article will list the best hats used by the Engineer class in TF2 for you. Let’s take a closer look at the details and prices of the items on our list together.

1. Barnstormer

Price: $0.12 – $4.08 (Strange)

Ref: 1.55 – 1.66

Update: Mecha

Released: December 20, 2012 Patch

Case: Nice Winter Crate 2012 Series #53, Unlocked Cosmetic Crate Engineer

The Barnstormer is a flight goggle specially designed for Engineers. It is a pilot’s hat with a brown design and an extra black mustache. There are two different usage styles. In the first, the glasses are on the engineering forehead, and in the second, they close their eyes.

The fact that it can be painted in different colors means you can customize the cosmetics. If you want to obtain this item, you can either buy it or craft it. In addition, since it is only available at the strange level on the Steam Community Market, we recommend you to buy it cheaper by using third-party sites such as

2. El Mostacho

Price: $0.14 – $0.35

Ref: 3.66 – 3.77

Update: Scream Fortress 2019

Released: October 10, 2019 Patch

Case: Spooky Spoils Case

The engineer looks really cool with his Mexican hat and a huge gray mustache. The hat is worn but can be painted any color you want. The gray mustaches given by the cosmetics begin to sway as your character moves. There is a pattern of red and orange colors on the upper and middle parts of the hat.

If you want to buy this cosmetic, you can get it at a much lower price than the average. It also has 3 Qualities named “Unique”, “Strange” and “Unusual”. The price of the cosmetic varies according to its quality. Finally, this item has no crafting process.

3. Hotrod

Price: $0.05 – $0.12

Ref: 1.55 – 1.77

Update: First Community Contribution Update

Released: March 18, 2010 Patch

Case: Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #18

What is an engineer’s most needed item? Welding helmet, of course. This cosmetic item is a welding helmet that can be shaped according to the colors of your team. Hot rod is a cosmetic with red flame patterns on a gray coating.

Its appearance is extremely pleasing, adding realism to the engineer. It is one of the most admired cosmetic products by the TF2 community. Since the price is below the average, most players can easily access this cosmetic.

At the same time, it moves according to the movement of your character in the game. For example, while building or holding something, the Hotrod hat moves down as if you were working with a welding machine.

4. Safe’n’Sound

Price: $0.12 – $1.70

Ref: 1.55 – 2

Update: Second Community Contribution Update

Released: May 20, 2010 Patch

Case: Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #28, Series #5

It is a headset designed to prevent the engineer from getting confused while performing mathematical calculations in a busy working environment. It was created humorously by the TF2 designers, especially to prevent gun and death sounds. Safe’n’ Sound has only team colors by default.

If you want, you can buy a paint box and paint it any color you want.

While the price is extremely low, the Vintage and Strange variants are over $1. If you want to buy, you can go to and buy it at a very affordable price from the TF2 trade section. If you don’t want to buy it, you can get it by drop (if you’re lucky), or you can do it by crafting.

5. Tin-1000

Price: $0.12 – $0.25

Ref: 1.33 – 1.66

Update: Mann vs. Machine Update

Released: August 15, 2012 Patch

Availability: Reward, Trade

Now it’s time for one of the best hats of TF2 Engineer and Pyro. Tin-1000 consists of a metallic look and glasses that can change according to the color of the team. The helmet is orange-looking and metallic and designed in a robotic style.

The glasses lenses of the helmet shine according to the color of the suit in a dark environment. You can get this amazing skin by playing the “Mann vs. Machine” mod. If you don’t want to deal with it, remember that you can buy it directly.

Finally, we highly recommend this cosmetic if you want to gain a psychological advantage over your opponents’ thanks to its frightening and cold appearance.


We’ve come to the end of our list of TF2 cosmetics. We tried to list the best Engineer hats from the cheapest to the most expensive in TF2. So which Engineer hat do you like? We would be very happy if you shared it with us in the comments.

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We wish you a pleasant reading by stating that we are open to suggestions every time.