What Changes Can Make CS2 Better?

CS2 is one of the greatest games ever made. In the first-person shooter genre, few games come close to their brilliance and simplicity. People have been playing CS2 for over 10 years, and as soon as you try it, it becomes easy to understand why.

The Counter-Strike series has been around for more than 2 decades. During this time, it has been perfected to a point where it’s difficult to make dramatic improvements. With the right settings, you can make CS2 better than it already is. Check what to improve.

Make CS:GO Better
Make CS2 Better

Potential Changes 

Here are some of the changes that Valve might be considering for future editions of Global Offensive Counter-Strike.

More Objective-Based Game Modes

Arguably, more game modes could be added to CS2. It already has almost a dozen of them, but more are possible. One game mode that is currently available is Danger Zone. This is a battle royale mode, and it’s very fun to play. But given the popularity of the battle royale genre, more should be done in regard to it.

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Adding New Viable Weapons

At the moment, CS2 has around 34 weapons. But only a small number of them are truly viable in professional matches. This means that the CS2 features very few weapons for an FPS.

CS2 will become increasingly outdated as new-school first-person shooters are launched. Its current is nowhere near the level of other games, such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty, or Valorant, regarding the weapons you can use.

Every CS2 player uses the same weapons, and a dozen of them are good, including AK-47, M4A4, Desert Eagle, AWP, and USP-S. If you’ve been watching professional tournaments, you know that every round is played using the same collection of weapons. 

We rarely see players buying something non-standard, and that’s because everyone is trying to optimize costs. If a gun is perfectly good at killing enemies from any range with just a few bullets, then why not use it in every round?

It’s hard to say what guns could Valve introduce in CS2. But sooner or later, they will need to give players new options. Otherwise they may get bored of the same old formula.

Modifying Existing Guns

With so many guns not being used, Valve could ask the question: what can we do to make these guns more viable? Should we lower the price? Or perhaps buff the damage?

Many things can be done to make a weapon more viable, but Valve needs to be interested in making minor tweaks that can potentially shape the meta. Teams compete to win, and professional players make their choices based on what is the most useful. Unless Valve increases the utility of certain guns, those guns will never be bought.

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Fixing Bugs

In CS2, just like in other video games, there are lots of minor bugs that are so rare, Valve won’t even bother to fix them. But every once in a while, they ruin a person’s game and that person will post their experience on Reddit, showing everyone how they had to suffer because of Valve’s inability to fix its own game.

Of course, if you read the notes of each new patch that gets released, you will notice that some bugs have been fixed every time. So we know that Valve is working on improving Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But the number of people that are dedicated to doing this seems to be small.

New Maps

Even though it’s really hard to create a good CS2 map that can be used at the highest competitive level, hardly anyone would argue that CS2 doesn’t need any new maps. 

We’ve had the same old maps for many years, and despite the fact that they’re fun to play, it wouldn’t hurt to have more variety. Each season of CS2 should be played on a different set of maps. That would get the community a lot more excited about following pro tournaments.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most played games on Steam and even on Steam Deck. New maps are added all the time to it, new music kits, like the Music Kit Darude Moments CSGO, Music Kit The Verkkars & nothing – Flashbang Dance, team stickers, weapon cases, and much more. But we rarely get new weapons or improvements that can change the meta. 

Valve should invest more effort into changing and expanding the game to keep the game fresh and interesting for the newer generations of gamers.

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