Top TF2 Skins You Should Have (Best TF2 Skins)

The Team Fortress 2 community loves best TF2 skins just as much as the CS:GO community loves CS:GO skins. This game has a long history with skins and War Paint, and a number of items have become quite popular during this time. They also tend to be rather expensive, so owning one can be quite profitable if you choose to sell it.

TF2 Skin Value

The value of a Team Fortress 2 skin depends upon its rarity, float value (or wear level), history, and demand. If the skin is rare, Factory New has a well-known history in TF2 (it has become a kind of meme skin) and is in high demand, its price will be much higher than other skins.

TF2 skins can cost a few cents or a few thousand dollars. Some players collect expensive skins, others collect just Factory New ones with the lowest float value. In the world of art, the difference between a $1 million painting and a $1000 one does not consist in the amount of paint applied to a painting or its size.

The price has a lot to do with the public’s perception and the item’s rarity. There’s always a history behind each work of art, and that history, including the artist, can impact the final price.

The same principles apply to Team Fortress 2 art. When you buy a TF2 skin, you don’t pay for the pixels. You pay for a digital item that has a certain value for the TF2 community, which is made up of millions of gamers.

Top TF2 Skins

Here are some of the best and most expensive TF2 skins that you can own:

Unusual Burning Team Captain

Best TF2 Skins

This is a burning cap, and its price can easily exceed $10.000. It is so rare and well-known that any veteran player will know what you’re talking about when you mention its name.

Obtaining this skin on your own is nearly impossible, and buying one from somebody else will cost you a small fortune. But you can be certain that if you wear this skin in TF2, everyone will want to talk to you.

When you buy this skin, you’re buying a piece of TF2 history and a lot of notoriety inside the Team Fortress 2 community. Most video games are popular for a few months or a few years at best and then become forgotten. But TF2 has stood the test of time, and it will probably continue playing for many years.

This means that owning an Unusual Burning Team Captain skin can be regarded as a long-term investment. Its value will only grow as the years go by. 

Strange Professional Killstreak Golden Frying Pan

The Golden Frying Pan is a TF2 Frying Pan (a melee weapon) made of gold. If you’re familiar with the Golden Arabesque AK-47 from CS:GO, you probably realize how valuable this TF2 skin is.

Owning a Golden Frying Pan will get instant credit on just about any TF2 server, and people will want to play with you. This item is so easy to spot and rare that seeing a player using it makes you want to take a print-screen and post it on Reddit.

On Valve’s Steam Market, there are almost 90 requests to buy a Strange Professional Killstreak Golden Frying Pan at around $2100. That’s how much the TF2 community values this skin. Different skins are valued by people in different ways. But some will always occupy a special place in everyone’s mind.

Collector’s Dead of Night

This is another TF2 skin whose price can exceed $2000 on the Steam Community Market. This is a cosmetic TF2 item created by the TF2 community. 

It can be used for all classes and is extremely famous among players. It has four styles: Dark – Hide Grenades, Light – Hide Grenades, Dark, and Light. Owning one will immediately get you recognized by veteran players.


Cosmetic items like these not only enhance your experience visually. They also have the potential to enhance the quality of your interactions with other players. They’re a sign that you know the game’s history and are invested in it. So they essentially tell people to accept you as one of their tribe members.

If you intend to play TF2 for a long time and make friends inside the game, spending a bit of money on a skin that’s straight-fire will give you more options. Owning such skins is the equivalent of owning a Rolex in real life.

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