TF2 Where to Buy Keys

If you’ve been playing TF2 for a while, one of the things that you might want to learn is where to buy TF2 keys. There are plenty of options, but the Steam Market is the easiest.

What Are TF2 Keys

Team Fortress 2 keys, also known as Mann Co. Supply Crate keys, are TF2 items that you need to open Mann Co. Supply crates. You will need one key per crate, which costs around $2.15.

The practice of buying a key to open a crate or a case is quite old, and it’s easiest to understand if you play CS:GO. Every time you find a crate, you need a key to open it, and its content is random. However, based on the type of weapon case, you will have a chance to unbox one item from a set of given objects.

Some items in the set have a very low probability, while others have a very high probability. For example, the chance to unbox a Covert skin in CS:GO is around 0.5%. In other words, on average, you would have to open 200 cases to get just one red item.

Of course, such items cost a lot of money, so if you obtain the right one, you may be able to get your investment back and even make a decent profit. It all depends on your luck.

In TF2, buying keys has the same purpose. When you buy TF2 keys, you do it because you also have or intend to buy crates that you can open. Those crates contain skins that you can obtain, but the higher the quality of the skin, the lower the probability of unboxing it.

In TF2, skins come in 6 rarity classes or grades:

  • Civilian Grade
  • Freelance Grade
  • Mercenary Grade
  • Commando Grade
  • Assassin Grade
  • Elite Grade

On top of that, you also have multiple levels of wear. The lesser the float value, the better the wear level and the higher the quality of the skin.

  • Factory New
  • Minimal Wear
  • Field-Tested
  • Well-Worn
  • Battle-Scarred

One thing to remember when buying TF2 keys and unboxing TF2 crates is that skins in Team Fortress 2 do not degrade through usage. If you unbox a Factory New skin and start using it, it will not erode over time. So you can use it without worrying about it losing its value.

Where to Buy TF2 Keys

TF2 keys can be bought on the Steam Market at a standard cost of $2.15. This cost can fluctuate based on demand, but it’s fairly constant. You can expect the maximum value to reach $2.30. The minimum value can go as low as $2.05.

TF2 keys can also be bought on external markets. But you will need to create an account. For example, on DMarket you can purchase them for just $1.64.

When you purchase on an external market, you will need to log in with your Steam account. The items you buy to your account will be transferred automatically. 

Remember that you cannot purchase TF2 keys on an external market using your Steam Wallet. You will need to deposit funds to make the purchase.

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