Master Overpass Callouts in CS2

Overpass Callouts in CS2

Maximize your chances of winning Counter-Strike 2 games on Overpass by learning the map’s callouts. These are names associated with key locations and knowing them will greatly improve your ability to communicate with your team. This guide teaches you all about Overpass Callouts in CS2 to help you gain a tactical edge.

Key Takeaways

  • Overpass contains specific callout locations, which are vital for efficient gameplay, such as key areas around Bombsite A and B. Familiarity with these names allows for quick and precise teammate coordination.

A Complete List of Overpass Callouts in CS2

CS2 Overpass Callouts

Here are the Overpass callouts that you must know in CS2:

A SiteA bombsite
B SiteB bombsite
T SpawnWhere Terrorists spawn
CT SpawnWhere Counter-Terrorists spawn
Upper TunnelsThe tunnels that connect TSpawn and Mid outside of A
Lower TunnelsThe decorated area next to the Toilets
A LongThe long park area between Mid (Fountain) and A Bombsite
ConnectorThe connector that links Lower Tunnels to outside Toilets on A side
PartyThe area next to the Toilets, Party, and the exit of Connector
MidThe fenced-off area behind the Fountain
FountainThe area around the Fountain, located before Mid on A side
PlaygroundThe flowerbed gives a good vision of the A site
RockHiding location on A Long
TreeThe tree located to the left of A Long
Long ToiletsThe side of Toilets that connects to A Long
Long BoostThe small corner next to the exit of A Long
Close LeftThe van located next to the Bank on A Site
VanThe flowerbed gives good vision of the A site
BankThe bank at the back of A Bombsite
Default AThe default plant spot on A Site
OptimusThe truck to the right of A site when coming from Mid or Long
BinsThe bins at the back of A site
ToiletsThe toilets or restrooms that go from Mid to the entrance of A
A ShortThe location on the right of A site
FlowersThe tunnel that leads to Construction / Water
MonsterTunnel that leads into B from T Spawn
TracksArea outside of Monster that provides a pathway to Monster and Short Tunnel
Short TunnelThe door at the end of the Connector
WaterThe water area next to B Short, Connector, and Short Tunnel
SqueakyThe entrance onto the B Site from the COnstruction
B ShortThe sandbags are on B Short
SandbagsThe area you will arrive at when coming from Monster to B Site
SewersThe pillar that sits in the center of B Site
PillarThe bench sitting opposite Cafe
Toxic BarrelsThe barrels on B Site
PitThe area behind B Bombsite that’s full of water
HeavenThe metal platform that gives you vision over B Site
GraffitiThe corner at the back of B
CafeThe caffe sign on the other side of the wall to Long Toilets
BenchThe flowerbed is located to the left of the Toilets as you go to A Bombsite
BridgeThe spot where you can boost players from Water to watch over B Site
LadderThe ladder that leads from the Upper Tunnels to the Lower Tunnels
SignpostThe signpost near A Site, on a wall
HitmarkerThe area at the start of A Long, where T players expose themselves first

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Understanding Overpass Callouts in CS2

CS2 Overpass Callouts

Imagine being in a high-pressure game situation. Your team is on the Counter-Terrorist side, and you’ve spotted an enemy lurking near A-Site. How do you alert your team? You use a callout. 

Callouts are crucial for facilitating team strategies and sharing enemy positions. They play a significant role in team coordination, enabling the communication of vital information such as enemy locations, observed utilities, potential attack or defense strategies, and thereby supporting informed decision-making at the moment.

Overpass callouts in CS2 serve as the game’s language – vital tools that enable effective communication, map navigation, and the foundation for efficient team play and strategy execution. 

You should start by memorizing key locations on the Overpass map, such as:

  • upper tunnels
  • connector
  • bathrooms
  • A site
  • B site

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Navigating the Overpass Map

The overpass is a Bomb Defusal map set in a fictional European city. The map is a blend of architectural diversity, featuring bridges, canals, narrow alleys, large squares, and numerous connecting routes, including those connecting T Spawn. 

The Overpass map contains two bomb sites: Bombsite A and Bombsite B, each with its unique strategic implications. It features non-linear pathways, and each has designated callouts that facilitate player navigation and communication. 

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Essential Overpass Callouts for A-Site and B-Site

CS2 Overpass Callouts

Having a grasp on the callouts for A-Site and B-Site on Overpass is crucial for success. The key callouts for A-Site on Overpass are:

  • Monster
  • Bank
  • Dumpster
  • Short

These callouts, along with locations like Toxic Barrels, form the essential communication guide for this site.

Conversely, B-Site, also known as the B-bomb site, features distinctive callouts. Here, the primary callout locations are Sandbags, Pillar, and Graffiti. Knowing these callouts, controlling the Connector, holding the headshot angle, and playing aggressively to defend the bombsite effectively can significantly improve your results.

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A-Site Callouts

If you’re assigned to A-Site, there are key callouts you need to familiarize yourself with. Optimus is a set of boxes located near the Truck on A-Site. It can provide cover during engagements. 

Another key location is the Truck, a significant landmark on the A-Site situated near the entrance where Mid transitions into A Short. 

The Truck callout serves as a valuable tool for communicating enemy positions behind the truck and as a reference point for executing strategies, such as flashing opponents or coordinating movements towards A Long and other critical areas on the map.

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B-Site Callouts

Overpass’s B-Site comes with a set of vital callouts of its own. Water, for instance, is located near the Sandbags passage, while Pillar is centrally located on the site. 

Players should adhere to widely recognized callouts such as Bench, Van, and Market to facilitate clear communication.

Advanced Overpass Callouts to Improve Your Results

CS2 Overpass Callouts

Employing advanced Overpass callouts can give your game a substantial boost, deepen your map understanding, and improve your team’s coordination. 

Significant mid-area callouts in CS2 Overpass encompass:

  • Mid: serves as a connection between T-Spawn and both bomb sites
  • Connector: links Mid to B Short
  • Stairs: offers direct access to Restrooms and B Short for swift rotations and map control

Connector and Mid Area Callouts

Connector and Mid areas have key callouts that you need to familiarize yourself with. These include Short, Divider, and Party. These callouts support the coordination of strategies, execution of plays, and provision of information about specific areas of the map.

Navigating these areas requires a strategic approach due to their complexity. Detailed callouts for these areas can be found on the interactive map of Overpass callouts from CS:GO. To effectively utilize these callouts, it’s crucial to familiarize oneself with the water-logged area next to B Short, Connector, and Short Tunnel, known as Squeaky.

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Mastering Overpass callouts in CS2 can dramatically improve your gameplay, aiding in effective communication and map navigation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the callouts for Overpass?

There’s a long list of Overpass callouts in CS2. Read the first few sections of the article to find out.

What are callouts on CS2 maps?

Callouts are used to effectively communicate specific positions to your team, such as the location of enemies or flash points. They should be short, one or two-syllable words related to unique features of the area.

What are the key callouts for A-Site on Overpass in CS2?

The key callouts for A-Site on Overpass in CS2 are Monster, Bank, Dumpster, and Short. These are important areas to communicate and coordinate with your team for successful gameplay.

What are the crucial areas that Counter-Terrorists should hold on Overpass?

On the Overpass, Counter-Terrorists should focus on holding areas like Toilets, Mid, and Connector to maintain control and prevent the terrorists from advancing their position.

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