How to Use Rust Workshop Skins

Rust is a survival game where you can buy skins and apply them to your rust items. Most Rust skins are relatively cheap, and you can buy them from the in-game item shop. Another way to obtain skins is to purchase them on the Steam Market or some other skin trading platform such as

You need to use your Steam Wallet when you trade skins on Steam. Every Steam account has one, and all your funds are kept there. The money you receive will be added to your wallet if you sell skins. If you buy them, you will pay with what’s in your wallet plus whatever amount you choose to deposit.

An advantage of using the Steam Market to buy and sell Rust skins is that the number of options is very high if you want to buy something, while the number of buyers is also high if you want to sell something. But you can get the same benefits on other trading platforms. 

Furthermore, you can avoid the problem of not being able to use your money on anything except Steam games and products. If you’ve been using Steam for a long time, you probably know there is no way of getting your money out unless you use a third-party website. And the best solution is represented by the skin trading sites.

How to Buy Rust Skins

Rust Workshop Skins
Rust Workshop Skins

Rust won’t give you any valuable free skins. But you can buy such cosmetic items using the payment method of your choice. Skins become available inside the game if they’re accepted by the company that owns it. In this case, Facepunch Studios. But before the skin can be accepted, it needs to be created somewhere.

Artists create Rust skins and then add them to the Steam Workshop. This powerful tool allows users to upload and download Steam-compatible content. This content can consist of just about anything used on Steam or inside its games: skins, modes, maps, and so on.

Once Facepunch Studios have accepted a Rust skin, you can buy it inside the game, on Steam, or on, from one of the users that want to sell it.

How to Use Rust Workshop Skins

Rust Workshop skins can be applied to your Rust items inside the game. They won’t be applied to your items by default, so you need to do this manually. The method is simple and only takes a few seconds.

Just go to your inventory, select a weapon, and use the Craft button. When you use this functionality, the skins available for your chosen weapon will appear in the Skins section. Select the one you want, and then hit Craft. This will apply the skin to your weapon. You can do this numerous times, and it doesn’t cost anything.

The Usefulness of Skins in Rust

Rust is a very unusual game when it comes to skins. In most games, you use skins to look fancier. You can do this in Rust as well, but it’s a better idea to use skins to achieve better camouflage. 

After all, this is a survival game in which people will try to kill you. Therefore, thinking of your Rust skins as your military apparel might be a good idea. The flashier you look, the more likely you’ll attract unwanted attention.

Of course, if you don’t care about this issue, you can buy the most exotic skins you can find and wear them proudly. In-game cosmetics were designed to give players the possibility to customize their experience from a visual standpoint and each skin helps you do that in its own way.

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