How to Loot Fast in Rust

When playing Rust, one of the most important activities is looting. This term refers to stealing everything you can from resource-filled centers such as monuments. The speed with which you gather materials depends a lot on your ability to find these monuments. It also depends on your ability to farm materials.

Faster Farming

If you go looting while being poorly equipped, you may run into other players and get killed. So to maximize your looting potential, you must get your hands on some guns. But immediately after starting your wipe, you will need to gather resources such as stones, metal fragments, wood, metal ore, etc.

To farm faster, you will need to craft tools such as a hatchet and a pickaxe. These tools will let you obtain wood, stone, metal, and sulfur ore with less effort.

Faster Looting

Scout your surroundings and find monuments. That’s where most of the high-quality materials are located. Try to do it at night because you’ll encounter fewer enemies. Most players sleep late at night, so you’ll have the server for yourself. So, how to loot fast in Rust?

If you find an outpost monument, you can buy and sell materials. You can regard it as the go-to marketplace, and finding one can be very helpful.

In Rust, you often find large quantities of a resource but not enough quantities of some other resource. Using the outpost monument, you can compensate for the things you can’t find by selling a portion of what you did manage to find and using the funds to buy what you need.

Faster looting depends on your ability to locate places full of resources. When you first start playing Rust, you will not know where these places are or what each monument contains. 

You will also not know how to protect yourself when looting monuments. But as you gain experience, you’ll start to develop an understanding of what the options are.

An important notion to use when playing Rust is that of opportunity cost. To loot an area it costs you time, and you may also get killed. Assessing the risk versus reward and how much time you’d have to spend to gather the materials.

At first, you should loot everything in your path just to get a deeper understanding of how looting works. But you should become much more selective after a few weeks of playing the game.

How to Loot Fast in Rust

One thing that you should always farm in the early stages of a wipe is the barrels. You may not get that much per barrel, but after a while, the law of accumulation will start to work in your favor. These barrels only take seconds to farm and constitute a time-effective way of gathering resources.

One thing to keep in mind when farming barrels is that they’re quite contested. Everyone loves this easy way of gathering a wide variety of materials, so you should expect to need to fight for some barrels with other players.

One of the best monuments in Rust is Dome. Whenever you find it, make sure you spend some time looting it because it’s full of high-quality resources that can be hard to find. Depending on the RNG, you may get a few or a lot of rare materials and recipes that will be very useful to you.

If you use a minicopter, the process of looting the Dome monument takes just a few minutes. This is a great way to speed up your progress when gathering materials.

Other Aspects of Looting

When looting, here are some of the crates and resource containers that you will come across. Some of these loot crates are basic, such as food crates, while others are quite rare.

  • Elite Loot Crate
  • Food Crate
  • Junk Piles
  • Tool Boxes
  • Basic Crates
  • Gun Crate

To fill your inventory and gather quick loot, find as many crates as possible when playing the game, and don’t ignore any type of supply. The more components you gather, the easier it is to make progress and become more powerful.

If you want to be more efficient when you move loot, you can use the hover loot function to put items into a box or to move them out of it.