How Many Heroes In Dota 2 2023?

Depending upon what attribute they perform best with, Dota 2 heroes are classified as Strength, Agility, or Intelligence heroes. There are 43 Intelligence heroes, 38 Agility heroes, and 42 Strength heroes. From this huge collection of heroes, it isn’t easy to select the heroes in dota 2. This post is for you if you want to identify the top heroes in Dota 2.

That are perfect for aiding your success in 2023. To succeed, choosing the appropriate hero is not sufficient. The only way to succeed in Dota 2 is to work with your teammates. Make the right calls, and support one another. In our guide, we are going to mention new heroes or previous heroes with new updates. 

Here is our guide to how many heroes in dota 2 2023 are best to win the game. 

1. Primal Beast – A New Addition

Heroes In Dota 2
Heroes In Dota 2

The roles of Mid-Laner and Off-Laner are where Primal Beast excels the most. In the early stages of the game, during the Laning phase, Primal Beast turns into a genuine pain. Primal Beast’s skills allow him to torment opponents efficiently. Additionally, he can use Uproar to transform incoming enemy harassment into an advantage. The Initiator position is one that Primal Beast is also excellent at. Primal Beast is a master at starting fights. He can leap over an unwary foe with ease, stunning and lowering them so that his friends may finish them off. 

He can rapidly catch any other foes who attempt to flee the battle utilizing his Trample and Uproar abilities, and he may dispatch them with ease. An aggressive play style works best with Primal Beast. Enemies must be harassed throughout the lane phase to prevent them from being adequately farmed. If you spot a chance for a potential kill, seize it as soon as possible. It won’t be simple for enemy heroes to defend themselves against the Primal Beast, especially if you catch them off guard.

2. Muerta 

Heroes In Dota 2
Heroes In Dota 2

The following Dota 2 hero, Muerta, will be made available. The 2023 release date for the death-dealing gunslinger was announced during TI11. Regarding Muerta’s skills or stats, Valve withheld all information. Nevertheless, based on her weapons—two flashing pistols that hang from her belt—it appears likely that she will be a ranged carry with an emphasis on agility. Muerta probably uses her rifle as one of her skills, and she might also be able to harness the power of the dead.

There’s a reasonable probability that Muerta will end up being an agility hero because Dota 2 players haven’t had a natural position as one hero in a long time. Primal Beast, who debuted on the lane on February 23 of this year, was the last hero to be added to Dota 2 before Muerta.

3. Lina 

Heroes In Dota 2
Heroes In Dota 2

The adjustments to Fiery Soul have finally been recognized. However, the hero did not receive any nerfs in the most recent 7.32d patch. It has attracted professionals like moths to a flame, who have used it to create a unique, low-mana build that focuses on right clicks rather than spells to farm. Lina benefits from her ridiculously long attack range in the lane, and she typically teams up with tanky melee support like her fellow meta partner, Treant Protector. For Blades of Attack and Branches, she frequently forgoes regeneration in an effort to maximize her poke damage and push the enemy hero out of her lane.

Fiery Soul now gains charges dependent on target hit. Therefore Lina frequently fights with full stacks with just one spell as opposed to the previous version of the spell, which required her to cast three spells simultaneously. With Falcon Blade and Maelstrom, Lina becomes one of the game’s quickest farmers, requiring little mana to maintain her speed.


Here is our complete guide to how many heroes in dota 2 2023 are best. Our guide has listed the heroes, some are the old ones with new updates, making them excellent choices, and some are new with deadly abilities. Muerta in dota 2  isn’t released yet; valve announced its release in early 2023.