CS:GO Gloves – Best Ones in Rarity

CS:GO gloves are some of the most expensive items that you can own in this game. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive features many expensive skins that can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. And many of them are gloves.

The reason is simple: glove skins are Exceedingly Rare items, which means you have around a probability of 1/400 to unbox them. Many weapon cases do not contain gloves, so finding a good pair of gloves is a lifelong quest for most players.

If you ever see a player with a pair of great gloves, there’s a high chance he bought them on the Steam Market or some other skin market. Because such skins are extremely hard to find.

The Best CS:GO Gloves

To some extent, finding the best gloves in CS:GO is a matter of personal taste. Some people like fingerless gloves, while others like more athletic gloves such as sport gloves. But if we ignore personal preferences, it’s undeniable that some gloves are better than others based on their value and visual design.

When you buy gloves in CS:GO, these are the types of gloves you’ll come across:

  • Broken Fang Gloves
  • Driver Gloves
  • Hand Wraps
  • Moto Gloves
  • Specialist Gloves
  • Sport Gloves
  • Hydra Gloves
  • Bloodhound Gloves

One question you might want to ask yourself when trying to find the best gloves is this: what is my favorite color? Or what color would work best with that my knife skin? People who buy CS:GO gloves often forget that even more important than the gloves themselves is how good your gloves will look when combined with your knife and other weapon skins.

Some colors are regarded as more exotic, so their associated gloves are more expensive. For example, if you want to buy purple gloves, crimson gloves, white gloves, or green gloves, expect to pay a premium.

Furthermore, if you want a Factory New model, it’s obvious that the price will be much higher than that of a Battle-Scarred, Well-Worn, Field-Tested, or even Minimal Wear model. The float value makes a huge difference regarding glove skins because every little imperfection is clearly visible.

Expensive Gloves

CS:GO Gloves
CS:GO Gloves

If you’re looking for expensive gloves, these are the best models:

  • Sport Gloves Vice
  • Driver Gloves Snow Leopard
  • Sport Gloves Pandora’s Box
  • Driver Gloves King Snake

The price of these gloves is extremely high. Factory New can cost tens of thousands of dollars if they’re Factory New. A good pair of Vice gloves are so expensive that only collectors and high-level skin merchants will buy them. But, despite the high costs, there are quite a few people standing in line to buy such CS:GO gloves.

The good news is that not only extraordinary gloves look great in this game. A quick look at the Glove Case will show you that most gloves in CS:GO will greatly enhance your appearance. So unless you have something highly specific in mind, you should pick a decent pair and purchase it while it’s available at a reasonable price.

The CS:GO community is constantly growing and the price of high-quality skins tends to go up. Skins that used to cost just a few hundred dollars several years ago now cost at least twice as much.

This game’s gloves price is notoriously high, but for a good reason. Given Valve Corporation’s system, obtaining a pair via conventional means like opening cases is extremely hard. On top of that, the best CS:GO gloves are even harder to find. The odds of getting a pair are lower than 1/1000.

Combined, these factors raise the price of CS:GO gloves significantly. Of course, that price wouldn’t be so high without the massive demand for high-quality items. But demand is undoubtedly not an issue in CS:GO. This game’s community is obsessed with skins.

CS:GO Glove Cases

If you want to obtain a pair of gloves, you should purchase one of these five CS:GO cases:

  • Snakebite Case
  • Operation Broken Fang Case
  • Clutch Case
  • Operation Hydra Case
  • Glove Case

The last of these cases is the most famous. The reason is that it contains many of the rarest glove skins in the game. The odds of unboxing such a pair are extremely low, but the rewards are spectacular.

Right now, the price of a Glove Case is somewhere around $3.3, so you’d have to pay around $5.6 to open one case.