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TF2 is one of the shooter games developed by Valve, which includes action and combat. Although the beginning period did not attract much attention in the game, its story can be understood from Valve’s comics. It would not be wrong to say that TF2 uses more than one best weapon and equipment in a specific area and includes visual elements such as Spray.

The game used different design features in the process. This shows us that it is open to innovations. In general, its logic is to focus on the competition between two teams with each other. Moreover, in the game, where there are 9 different characters, two teams appear in red and blue colors. In the game, the team is chosen first, and then one of the nine characters. Each character offers different features. Classes have primary, secondary, and melee weapons. More than 70 game modes and battlefields stand out in the game. In this article, we will discuss the Spray features in TF2, whose scope is so wide.

What is Spray in TF2, and What Is It Used For?

In Spray TF2, players project or splash their visual elements onto areas such as walls, ceilings, and floors. In another sense, today’s wall paintings can be an example. With Spray, you can send many messages to your opponent, teammates, and other users. Starting from here, we will discuss the purposes for which Spray is used in the game.

1. The first aim of Spray is to establish a psychological advantage over the opponent on the playing field. Thus, the opposing player realizes that the enemy is waiting for him on the road. As a result, it may change the planning.

2. Spray is used to distract the opponent. For example, the Spray you spray on the playground attracts the other party’s attention. You get a sudden attack opportunity while the opponent is looking at him.

3. During the game, you can choose to distract the opponent with a funny Spray. The distracted player becomes an easy target for you.

4. With the Spray you use, you can give your teammates hints about the opposing team’s position. Thus, it allows you to act more planned.

5. By advertising your clans and groups, you can attract the attention of more players and thus become popular.

6. People will recognize you in the game by your team pictures. Thus, you may be worried about being a rival to your team by others.

7. Some players use Spray for fun instead of angering the opponent.

 Now that we have learned the purposes of use let’s look at the best list.

TF2 Best Spray List

In this section, we will discuss the best 10 Spray images used in TF2.

1. Anya Heh Spray

This Spray features a girl as an image. Cone-shaped hairpins draw attention to the left and right of this girl’s head with squinted eyes. The ends of the buckle are black, and the lower part is white motifs. His smiling face displays a sarcastic demeanor. Also, the text “Heh” in the image is worth attention. With this Spray, you can distract your opponent by angering them.

Best TF2 Spray

2. EEAAO Rock

EEAAO Rock Spray has a stone appearance. Their downward-looking eyes are concerned. In addition, a fixed focus in his eyes attracts attention. It makes sense to use this Spray to describe your opponent’s location. In addition, you express to your teammates that the competition will be challenging.

Best TF2 Spray list

3. Running Regieleki

At first glance, it gives the impression of a headless green monster. You will see Running Regieleki, which consists of arms and feet while running in the image. It has 7 symmetrical pink spots on its body. It draws attention with its 4 protrusions on the shoulder and armpits. Her blue dress, which covers the abdomen and shoulder area, has added a different air to her. With this character, who has no fingers or toes, you can send messages to your teammates like being quick or stuck issues. The opponent thinks that you are attacking as a team.

4. Yuyuko Bread

Yuyuko Bread looks like a girl wearing a wedding dress. Her red hair and eyes attract attention. There is a red symbol detail in the middle of the hat. Let’s also say that her embroidered dress in white and blue tones and the hat on her head add a different charm to Spray. Yuyuko Bread hands over the bread she is holding in this image. Considered together with the smile on his lips, it allows you to give clues to your teammates about the location of the opposing team.

Best anime tf2 spray

5. Scout The Clown

We can easily say that this Spray resembles a clown in appearance. Red curly hair and the ball on her nose are the first striking features. In addition, the area around his eyes has a blue color. Scout The Clown, wearing a red t-shirt, deserves to be on the best list with a sad and hopeless clown look. With this Spray, you can give the message that you lost the game to your teammate in TF2.

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6. Princess Bubblegum Peace

When we look at it in terms of image, we see a girl in a black T-shirt making a victory sign. His shirt has two characters reminiscent of a hamburger. These characters are shot with arrows and carry hurtful looks. Furthermore, the yellow snake draws attention. All these characters stand together in a place reminiscent of the lake. In the image, the girl greets you with her smiling face, pink hair, and a crown on her head. There is a small green emerald-like stone in the middle of the crown. It can be said that the character is holding his waist with his right hand while making a victory sign with his left hand. This Spray is suitable for phrases that mean the enemy is killed, or victory is ours.

7. Keep Calm and Engineer Gaming

Spray appears as a poster image. We can only say that it consists of a helmet and glasses. The color of the helmet is white, and the glasses’ lenses are red. Just below it, the text “KEEP CALM AND ENGINEER GAMING” draws attention. You can give a message to your teammates to stay calm or act carefully.

8. MadCom Posters

MadCom Posters is a character with a black tuxedo hat on his head. It draws attention with its crossed face. Here the character points downwards with the index finger of the right hand. On the upper part of the poster, “The Sheriff Wants You,” and on the lower part, “Do Not Resist” and “Pull His Finger” are written. Here you can give messages like surrender without touching your weapon, and the area is under our control.

9. No Spies Allowed

Here, the image reminiscent of a traffic sign attracts your attention. There is a black character holding a cigarette with his left hand and his right hand behind him. In addition, there is a red sign with the meaning of prohibition on the character. Just below it, there is a message “No Spies Allowed” and the message “No Enemy Entry Is Allowed.”

10. Gay Bar

It is a sign in 3 different colors describing the direction. In the middle of the signs with red, purple, and blue colors, the text “Gay Bar” draws attention. On the red sign, the direction points to the right, and on the blue sign, it points to the left. You can use this to anger the opponent and provoke him to play more aggressively. This will increase the probability of making mistakes.


In this article, we have given you information about Spray types with the best features in TF2. In the review, you have seen that Spray provides secret communication with different color and appearance options. You can also find the opportunity to experience the game by using different Spray features. Good game to you all, see you in another TF2 review.

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