Highest-Damage Weapon in CS:GO

Regarding damage, CS:GO is full of weapons that can deal with much of it. But there’s always a tradeoff that you need to understand. A high damage weapon in CS:GO can kill with just one bullet and will either have a slow fire rate or be difficult to control.

For example, the AWP kills with one bullet, assuming that you don’t aim for the legs. But its fire rate is extremely slow. Meanwhile, the AK-47 will also kill with one bullet (if it’s a headshot) or several of them, but you will find it challenging to shoot more than several bullets without losing control of the weapon.

Of course, you can learn how to spray with the AK and overcome its awful recoil, but without that mastery of its spray pattern, you’ll have a hard time aiming with it.

Examples of High-Damage Weapon

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one of the main goals is to win duels. When two players encounter each other on the map, one of them will usually die. The difference between success and failure is usually made by skill and weapon choice, but other factors can intervene and change the result.

High-damage guns are generally considered good because they get the job done faster, from a greater distance, and more reliably. If a CS:GO gun can kill with a single headshot, that gun will be regarded as powerful by skilled players.

This is why pro players often buy an AK-47 if they can afford it on the Terrorist team or a Desert Eagle if they’re doing a force-buy round. These guns kill from a long range with a single bullet if the person who is shooting has excellent aiming skills.

In other Counter-Strike Global Offensive game modes, such as Deathmatch, players will often be experimenting with all sorts of weapons, from shotguns to machineguns. But these weapons are considered bad by all pro players because they’re not cost-effective, have poor accuracy from a long-range, and don’t get the job done.

Or at least they don’t kill enemies as efficiently as other CS:GO weapons. The best weapons kill with 1-4 bullets regardless of which body part you hit and have affordable prices relative to the amount you have available after winning a CS:GO round.

Assault rifles like the M4A4 (for Counter-Terrorists) or the AK-47 (for Terrorists) fit this criterion perfectly. Another assault rifle that deals a lot of damage and has 200% armor penetration is the SG 553. 

Damage Weapon in CS:GO

This gun also comes with a scope, which is a big advantage at long range. But pro players will rarely buy it because the AK-47 is much cheaper and can kill with a single bullet. And since they know how to shoot from a long distance, they don’t regard SG 553’s scope as a real asset. For them, the AK-47 remains the best assault rifle.

The AWP is probably the most scary weapon in the game, at least in terms of pure damage output. Its terrifying damage allows great players to hold a position against multiple enemies. But its cost is high ($4750), and you won’t hit anything if you don’t know how to aim properly. The AWP is the embodiment of the high risk, high reward principle.

You’ll need to hit significantly more shots with other guns to get the job done. And if you don’t have decent accuracy, it may take you several seconds to get a kill. If you play against Silver players, that’s not an issue. But against Global Elites, it’s just not good enough. You usually have less than a second to react and kill the enemy before he kills you.

Highest DPS Pistols

Damage Weapon in CS:GO
Damage Weapon in CS:GO

The pistol round decides at least one other round in CS:GO, so you need to do everything in your power to win it. If you know how to hit headshots, the Tec-9, Five-SeveN, and Desert Eagle will kill with a single bullet. And this is true even if the target wears armor.

However, given that players can’t buy a helmet in the pistol round, other pistols will work just as well. Among them, the USP-S, the P2000, the P250, and the Glock are some of the most frequently used.

If you can land a headshot, just about any pistol will kill with one bullet. But it’s important to have a plan B and assume the worst. What happens if you can’t land a single headshot and the entire enemy team wears a kevlar vest?

Pistols are usually really bad against armor and require you to hit numerous body shots to get a kill. The USP-S, for example, only deals 17 damage if you aim for the chest or the arm. That means you’ll need to hit the enemy with 6 bullets. Meanwhile, you can receive a headshot and get killed immediately.

One pistol that ignores armor almost completely is the Tec-9. If you know that the enemy team will invest in armor, you can buy it and negate its advantage. This is considered to be a very versatile weapon with superior accuracy. Its recoil pattern is very easy to understand and master. This makes a lot of CS:GO players prefer this pistol for force-buy and pistol rounds.

M4A4 or M4A1-S?

Both weapons are strong, but the M4A1-S deals significantly more damage. The only problem is that its magazine capacity is much lower: 20 bullets instead of 30. This weapon perfectly illustrates the fact that in CS:GO, damage is not the only thing that matters.

Even though it deals more damage and costs $200 less than the M4A4, most players prefer to use the M4A4 instead. When you need to defend against multiple Terrorists, it’s simply more reliable.