Essential CS:GO Weapon

If you’re playing CS:GO and want to climb to a higher rank, one topic you must study is CS:GO weapons. In particular, this guide will teach you about CS:GO pistols. The game gives you 10 options to choose from, and some of them are better than others, know essential CS:GO weapon.

Not all options are available for both sides, so you will need to master at least a few pistols if you want to win more pistol rounds.

Playing with the Pistol in CS:GO

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the pistol is a commonly used weapon because, in many rounds, you can’t afford to buy anything better or decide not to do it because you want to get a full-buy in the next game.

The main weakness of pistols is their low rate of fire and poor accuracy from far away. The damage is also quite small if the target is armored and you don’t land a headshot. But that doesn’t mean you cannot be deadly with a pistol. If you train hard and learn to aim for the head, many pistols will kill with just one or two bullets.

These are the pistols that you can play with in CS:GO.


Essential CS:GO Weapon

The USP-S is the default choice for Counter-Terrorists and it’s an excellent gun against unarmored enemies because it kills with a single headshot from any distance. The damage is 140, which is more than enough to secure a kill. This is why many epic aces in CS:GO feature a player who uses this pistol.

You can shoot relatively quickly, and if you aim properly, you’ll get several kills in just a few seconds. However, if the target is armored and you aim for the chest, you will need around 6 bullets to get the job done. Because of that, the USP-S forces you to learn how to land headshots. If you can’t do that, don’t use this pistol because you’ll get no kills.


The P2000 is another spawn pistol for the CT side, but you can buy it for just $200. The advantage of this pistol is its accuracy. You can even use it while moving, and it will shoot where you aim it at. The headshot damage, just like in the case of the USP-S, is 140/70. This means that one bullet will finish the job against an unarmored target.

If you can’t shoot properly, this pistol needs a lot of bullets against armored enemies. The trick against such targets is to aim for the legs. The damage is 26, so you will only need to shoot 4 times.


This is the Terrorists’ spawn pistol, and its price is $400 if you want to buy it. The rate of fire for this pistol is 400 rounds per minute. When it comes to damage, one headshot is enough against unarmored enemies, and two headshots are enough against armored ones.

The Glock-18 is usually a poor choice against armored targets, especially if the battle takes place at long range. You will need around half a dozen good shots to kill a player, and you’ll likely get killed yourself before you succeed. 

The only quality of this pistol is its magazine capacity. You have 20 bullets to work with, which can be very helpful in the pistol rounds.


This high-damage pistol will nearly kill an armored unit with a single headshot. The damage deals to the head is 96. And if the target doesn’t have armor, it’s 151. Unlike other pistols, the P250 deals a significant amount of damage against armored units if you hit them in the stomach or even in the chest.

The reload time is small (2.2 seconds), and the magazine capacity is 13, which is less than ideal.


The Five-SeveN is many players’ favorite pistol for a simple reason: shooting with it feels great, and you only need to land one headshot to get a kill, even against armored units. On top of that, this pistol doesn’t really care about armor much and deals a similar amount of damage against armored targets.

It usually kills with 3-5 bullets if you can’t land a headshot. The magazine capacity is 20, which is more than enough for a pistol. The big disadvantage of this gun is its price: $750. This is quite expensive, but the benefits are proportional. 


The Tec-9 has an impressive rate of fire (500 RPM) and even more impressive damage. This gun tends to ignore armor and can kill with a single bullet if you hit the opponent’s head. At the price of $500, this weapon is ideal for force-buy situations.

The magazine capacity is 18, and you can wreak havoc with it at close range. So it’s no surprise that the Terrorists often buy the weapon and seek to get close to the enemy before launching the decisive attack.


The CZ75-Auto shoots fast (600 RPM) but has a terrible magazine capacity (12), and a poor reload time (2.8s). The cost is $500, which makes it affordable and viable in desperate situations. However, not that many players buy it because there are better alternatives.

Desert Eagle

Essential CS:GO Weapon

The Desert Eagle is a great pistol for those who know how to aim properly. Its magazine capacity is only 7, but the damage is huge. This gun kills with a single bullet if you hit a headshot, even if the target is armored. And it will usually get the job done with two bullets even if you cannot do that, and the enemy bought armor.

Some pro players, such as NiKo, are famous for the skill they have with this gun. And it’s undeniable that a good Desert Eagle player will often win bad rounds on his own.

Dual Berettas and R8 Revolver

Both of these guns are quite bad, so you will rarely buy them in competitive matches.