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Trade AWP CSGO Skins

The AWP is one of the best-loved weapons in CSGO, and skilled use of this weapon truly separates mediocre players from great ones. The AWP puts out a very high damage output, with one-shot kill potential, which is why it’s the weapon the pros turn to. As one of the most popular and effective weapons in the game, it goes without saying that there are plenty of options when it comes to customizing it with skins.

While AWP skins won’t make you a better player, they are a great way to customize your character, and they’re also a great investment. The price for AWP skins is directly related to aesthetics, rarity and other considerations. No matter what type of AWP skins you’re looking for, and no matter the finish level, you’ll find what you’re looking for on Tradit. Whether you’re buying or selling, our secure, easy-to-use platform gets you in and out with what you need, in just a matter of minutes.

Customize with AWP CSGO Skins

Rather than spending time and money opening cases and praying for a great AWP skin to drop, buy or sell in a matter of minutes on the open market on Tradeit. You’ll find all the skins you’re looking for to customize your character, including sought-after options like:

  • Asiimov: Love it or hate it, the Asiimov is one of the most valuable AWP skins in CSGO, seeing a steady upward trend in value. If you’re in the market for a long-term investment, the Asiimov is a great choice that’s available in three finishes: Field-Tested, Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred.

  • Dragon Lore: The Dragon Lore is one of the most sought-after and iconic CSGO skins, not just in terms of AWP skins, but in terms of all weapons. It features a custom paint finish with a fire-breathing dragon design and a unique color palette. It’s extremely hard to get, which is why buying on the market is your best option if you’re looking to secure this craved skin.

  • Hyper Beast: The Hyper Beast is an amazing-looking AWP skin that’s colorful yet intimidating. As part of The Falchion Collection, it’s not easy to drop, but the price is still affordable at around $200 Factory New.

  • Medusa: The Medusa is one of the most expensive AWP skins, coming in at around $1,500 for Factory New. This beautiful skin makes a great investment.

  • Oni Taiji: If you love Japan, samurais, demons and sniper rifles, you can’t sleep on the Oni Taiji skin. With price ranges from $25 to $100, it’s an affordable investment for both long-term and short-term investors.

The Largest Marketplace for AWP CSGO Skins

Looking to buy or sell AWP skins? Tradeit is your easy-to-use platform, offering safe, fair deals on the skins you love and crave. We offer lower prices than you’d find on the Steam Community Market and other third-party platforms. Whether you’re looking for a common skin to start out with or something more rare like the Dragon Lore, you’ll find it here in our ever-changing inventory.

Trade AWP CSGO Skins with Confidence

After years in business and several million trades facilitated, Tradeit is your go-to resource for AWP skins. Our safe, secure platform is the easiest way to buy and sell skins of all rarities, all in a matter of minutes. Buy or sell your AWP skins for a great value today!