When to Buy CS:GO Skins

Buy CS:GO Skins

For most players, CS:GO skins are a guilty pleasure. The entire system is set up in a way that makes you want to buy and open CS:GO weapon cases. The community rewards it, the Steam Market rewards it. You often get the feeling that you can buy and trade skins as a hobby. In fact, many people spend more time doing this than playing CS:GO.

What Makes CS:GO Skins Fun To Own

Let’s face it, a lot of CS:GO skins can give you a big confidence boost. They look amazing and get you a bit of status as well if they’re well-known. 

For example, owning an AWP Dragon Lore or an AK-47 Gold Arabesque will make people want to talk to you right away. And even though they technically don’t help you to aim better, in some strange way, they actually do a little bit. You always get a feeling of enhanced ability when using such skins.

buy CS:GO skins

Inside the CS:GO community, skins are like jewels or clothing articles from famous fashion designers. They can seriously boost your status and they also indicate to some degree your dedication to the game. The fact that you spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on several skins. Makes other players take you more seriously.

This is the gear that isn’t needed to be a good player. But indicates to others that you’re likely to be a hardcore CS:GO enthusiast. Not that many people own an expensive knife skin or a famous M4A4 skin. This puts those who do in a class of their own, that the uninitiated cannot belong to.

There’s hardly any pro player who doesn’t own a lot of expensive skins. One of the most famous examples of players who have a flashy CS:GO account is m0NESY. His skins are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Most people would just sell them instantly, but he likes to own expensive in-game items and actually use them, even if they’re Factory New. Of course, not everyone is like that. But the general trend among pro players is to support the game by owning expensive skins and encourage others to buy some as well.

Trading Skins

One of the reasons why people buy CS:GO skins so often has to do with the fact that they know. In the back of their minds, that they can trade them with ease for a lot of money. In the case of most skins whose price is above $1, the moment you list them on the market, someone is going to buy the item from you.

Valve has made this incredibly easy and even shows you how many requests exist for a particular skin and what the buyers are willing to pay for it. This is absolutely incredible and it encourages people to open weapon cases.

The Cost of CS:GO Skins

CS:GO skins are of multiple rarities and qualities. Obviously, the most expensive ones are those that cannot be easily obtained and have a low float point, being both Covert and Factory New. Two other things that add to a skin’s value are popularity and beauty.

Usually, a skin that’s extremely rare (Covert), Factory New, beautiful, and highly popular can easily be worth $500 – 1000. And you are likely to find a buyer within hours or days if you want to sell it at a reasonable price.

The CS:GO skins market is extremely active at all times and the prices keep going up as the player base increases. With every passing year, the value of old legendary skins goes up significantly, and new ones are added to the game. It’s quite difficult to find a game like CS:GO in that respect.

In most other games, a skin that’s worth $50-100 is considered to be very expensive. Meanwhile, in CS:GO that price is nothing. An AWP Dragon Lore can be sold for several thousand dollars with ease.

Using the Trade Up Contract Feature

CS:GO players often use the Trade Up Contract item from their inventory to get rid of their inexpensive skins in the hopes of obtaining a more valuable one. This feature allows you to trade 10 skins for 1 of higher quality.

For example, if you have 10 Mil-Spec skins, you can obtain 1 Restricted skin. However, you cannot choose your reward. You can only see the potential outcomes of the deal and it’s up to you to determine whether or not it makes sense.

When to buy CS:GO skins

You can buy new skins in CS:GO whenever you feel like doing that. However, it’s probably best to purchase skins when a new weapon case has been released or when you have a clear trading strategy and are hoping to find a great item that can be sold for hundreds of dollars.

If you like CS:GO skins and play the game frequently, you should buy them not by purchasing weapon cases but by purchasing individual skins that you intend to use. On the Steam Market, there is always an abundance of offers and you can simply pick one that suits you.

When you buy weapon cases, the big disadvantage is that you can’t control the outcome. You simply get a random skin out of the ones contained in it and the odds of getting a low-quality skin are much higher than the odds of getting a high-quality one. 

The implication of this is that it’s usually a bad strategy to buy cases in the hope of obtaining a particular weapon skin. You’ll spend a lot less money by simply purchasing it as a stand-alone item on the Seam Market.

Buy CS:GO Skins Trading Platforms

Apart from the Steam Market, there are many other skin trading platforms that will allow you to buy and sell CS:GO skins. The prices you will get for your skins are smaller than those you can obtain on the Steam Market. But the advantage is that you can actually make retrievable money that way.

When you use the Steam Market, your money is stuck on your Steam Account and you cannot get it out. But when you use a CS:GO skin trading site, you can withdraw your funds to your bank account. This makes skin trading quite interesting and some people actually make good money from it.