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What Is CSGO Trading?

Trading is a core function of CSGO which allows you to trade your in-game with other steam community members. Items can be obtained from in-game drops, opening cases or market purchase. Over the years players have found unique ways to innovate around skin trading such as giveaways, raffles, gambling and so much more!
As long as your Steam account is fit for trading (having trade offers enabled on Steam and Steam Guard + Mobile Authentication installed), you can trade with virtually anybody on the Steam Community who has CSGO items. Users’ item collections will be displayed publicly on their Steam profile and you can also find cool items by playing in-game with those that own them. Try picking up a fallen player’s weapon skin next time you play a game and have a look, you might stumble across your next dream skin!

Is CSGO Trading Legit?

CSGO trading has been around for several years & is generally safe, however, trading on your own can be risky as some traders may attempt to cheat you for their own gain. Tradeit makes CSGO trading smooth and safe by offering secure and instant bot trading with millions of dollars worth of item stock to choose from.
Some individuals have been able to make part and even full time jobs from skin trading alone. This is achieved by investing funds into skins, accumulating them over time and trading them for higher tier items which are then sold for real money at a later date. The prices of skins can change at any time, based on market conditions, meaning that over time your items could increase significantly (or decrease significantly) - real Steam market analysis is required for those looking to make CSGO trading into a profession.

How to Swap Trade CS:GO Skins?

All trading operates through Steam and can be initiated by inviting a user to trade from their steam profile. Some traders may publicly display their Steam trade URL on their profile description which you can click to directly open a trade request with that user. Otherwise you may have to be friends with the user on Steam to send them a trade - though most traders will be happy to accept your friend request as long as you comment on their Steam profile with a short explanation as to why you added them, so don’t be afraid to reach out!
In order to be able to trade, you will need to make sure your Steam account meets the following requirements:
Set Profile to Public - Simply head over to your Steam account and visit your profile. Click on “Edit Profile” and go to “Privacy Settings” on the left side. Locate “My Profile” and set this to Public.
Enable Steam Guard - Login to Steam, enable Steam Guard by clicking on “Steam” in the top left hand corner of the client. Select “Settings” and click “Manage Steam Guard Account Security” under the “Account” tab.
Enable Steam Mobile Authenticator - Install the Steam Mobile app and login. Tap the menu icon at the top left and select “Steam Guard” from the top of the menu. Select “Add Authenticator” to set up your authenticator, or “Help” to learn more. Steam Mobile Authenticator must be enabled for 7 days minimum before you can trade items.

How to buy CS:GO skins?

Items were originally bought and sold on the Steam marketplace and some traders may still choose to buy items from time to time from the Steam marketplace. Items can also be bought from third-party merchants such as Tradeit. Tradeit stocks the latest CSGO skins with a total inventory value in the millions of dollars.
It has never been easier to buy skins than it is today. Tradeit offers the best market prices and allows you to buy skins with various payment methods such as Crypto, Card & more.

How to sell CS:GO skins?

Back in the day, users would sell skins peer-to-peer, sometimes involving middlemen to ensure that both parties received the promised goods. Selling could be risky without using middlemen ask the person selling you skins could make a run for it once receiving your items without sending you the funds.
Now, you can sell your skins securely and instantly through Tradeit. Simply login to Tradeit, navigate to the sell section, click the items that you want to sell and upon confirming your selection, Tradeit will present you with the possible cash-out options for your region and the amount in $USD Tradeit is prepared to pay in cash for your skins.

Best CSGO Skin Trading Website

Tradeit is the best location to trade, buy and sell skins for CSGO and many other games, securly and swiftly. Tradeit is trusted by millions of users worldwide and has one of the strongest scoring Trustpilot pages in the industry, making us the #1 destination for all of your skin trading needs. Tradeit also strive to give the lowest market fees on all items, offering generous bonuses on all account top ups and discounts on all item purchases. You’d be seriously silly to shop anywhere else.

How to Determine CSGO Skins Value?

Tradeit uses their own real time pricing algorithm which is based on supply & demand and uses hundreds of data points including rarity to determine a price. Some general factors that affect the items value include the skin’s condition, float and stattrak status.


StatTrak items track the amount of kills you have racked up with them. Because of this, the weapon has history and is more unique. StatTrak skins can be valued much more.

Wear Levels:

There can only be 5 wear levels in which all skins can come including the following from best to worst.
  • Factory New (FN)
  • Minimal Wear (MW)
  • Field-Tested (FT)
  • Well-Worn (WW)
  • Battle-Scarred (BS)

The rule of thumb is that Factory New skins will be more expensive than Battle-Scarred ones, however, it doesn’t always apply. There are exceptions in which a certain Field-Tested skin can be worth more than a Factory New one. You can even see Battle-Scarred skins being a bit more expensive than Field-Tested ones however this is rare and typically requires the skin to have an exceedingly rare pattern, such as the “Blackiimov”.


All CS:GO skins can be found in 7 Grades. The list of grades from most common to rarest includes:
  • Consumer-grade (white)
  • Industrial grade (light blue)
  • Mil-spec (darker blue)
  • Restricted (purple)
  • Classified (pinkish purple)
  • Covert (red)
  • Exceedingly Rare ★ (gold)

These are a few of the key factors that will determine the market value of skins.

What are the Top 10 CSGO skins for 2022?

Valve are constantly working on new updates for CSGO which contain new exciting skins and collectibles, meaning the marketplace is changing all the time! Stay up to date with the hottest & trendiest skins with our real-time selection below, Happy Trading!

Is CSMONEY safe? what is the best alternative to csmoney?

Csmoney was hacked overnight on August 12-13, more than 6 million dollars worth of items were stolen. This was a major security breach resulting in thousand's of user items being stolen.

The best alternative to csmoney is Tradeit.gg - it is the most secure trading site with the lowest fees, they have invested millions in cyber security making sure your items are safe.

Is skinsmonkey legit? What are skinsmonkey fees?

Hard to say, skinsmonkey is a rather new CSGO site, they take a high fee of 10% each trade. Currently the best trading site is Tradeit.gg, they are the highest rated trading site, the oldest in the market and have the lowest fees.

Is Bitskins legit? What are bitskins fees?

Buying and selling on bitskins is a hassle, their outdated UI and bad support are just a few of the reasons why you should use tradeit.gg. tradeit.gg is the highest rated CSGO site in the industry today.

Is skinswap legit? What are skinswap fees?

Skinsswap are a very small trading site, with less than 10k users, we would recommend using a more reliable trading bot like Tradeit.gg, they have over 3 million users and are the highest rated site in the industry.

Is cstrade legit? What are cstrade fees?

cs.trade is a rather small trading site with high trading fees, it was founded in 2016 (formerly known as CSTrade.gg) we would recommend using a more reliable trading bot like Tradeit.gg, they have over 3 million users and are the highest rated site in the industry.

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