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The Sticker | Mastermind was designed by Valve and added to the game on November 18th, 2019 as part of alongside "Operation Shattered Web" update.


The rarity of the Sticker | Mastermind is High Grade, this means that this CSGO skin has a 79.92% drop chance which makes it a rather common CSGO skin drop.

Price Information

The Sticker | Mastermind price is $0.22, this makes it rather cheap CSGO Sticker.


The popularity score for the Sticker | Mastermind is 60%, this places it in the top 40% of the most popular CSGO skins.


The Sticker | Mastermind is a great CSGO Sticker skin to buy, it received 112 community votes and is ranked 4.9 out of 5 stars. It is also owned by professional CS:GO players matys, Techno4K, SLOWLY, Soulfly, Aunkere, floppy, Peppzor, pesadelo, Xeppaa, interz, Grim, buster, sinnopsyy, Lucaozy, dream3r, nawwk, FURIOUSSS, keiz, malta, HEAP, z4kr, Furlan, xccurate, S0TF1k, ZEDKO, nython, DD, Qikert, dav1d, woxic, RuStY, JDC, facecrack, 1mpala, EliGE, slaxz, Spinx, sterling, aizy, hades, yel, oSee, Ax1Le, Znorux, ISSAA, Jame, s1mple, beastik, JW, Radifaction, motm, ANGE1, PlesseN, yay, mantuu, Twistzz, xseveN, sycrone, Kyojin, Jyo, acoR, kinqie, KioShiMa, leman, doto, Stewie2k, mouz, tiziaN, tenzki, RUBINO, denis, flusha, olofmeister, mixwell, dephh, friberg, SicK, Snax, gade, Skadoodle, twist, k0nfig, byali, flameZ, kRYSTAL, mezii, Relyks, kNgV-, LUCAS1, es3tag, tabseN, dimasick, NBK-, TaZ, f0rest, AZR, hardzao and Kvik.