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Buy and trade Sticker Hot Wings (Holo)


The Sticker | Hot Wings (Holo) was designed by Valve and added to the game on June 18th, 2019 as part of alongside "Two Decades of Counter-Strike" update. It’s main color is with a Unknown finish.


The rarity of the Sticker | Hot Wings (Holo) is Remarkable, this means that this CSGO skin has a 15.98% drop chance which makes it a rather rare CSGO skin drop.


The popularity score for the Sticker | Hot Wings (Holo) is 40%, this places it in the top 40% of the most popular CSGO skins.


The Sticker | Hot Wings (Holo) is a great CSGO Sticker skin to buy, it received 104 community votes and is ranked 4.98 out of 5 stars.

Listings for Sticker Hot Wings (Holo)

Sticker | Hot Wings (Holo)

Sticker Hot Wings (Holo) Sticker | Hot Wings (Holo)

Stock: 0

Price: $1.90

Buy Sticker Hot Wings (Holo)

As of September 30, the Sticker Hot Wings (Holo) is currently listed within a price range of $1.90 to $1.90 on the CS:GO marketplace, with a total of 0 active listings available. You can find the best and cheapest prices for Sticker by switching to our Store and using specific payment methods, where you can take advantage of discounted prices of up to 40% off.

Sticker Hot Wings (Holo) Price

The 7 Day Average steam price for the Sticker Hot Wings (Holo) is currently $1.37, while the 30 Day Average price is $1.36 indicating an increase in price over the past week. These factors may be worth considering for anyone looking to buy or sell the Sticker Hot Wings (Holo) Price