CS:GO Weapon Skins from the CS:GO Weapon Case 3

The CS:GO Weapon Case 3 dates back to 2014 and the CZ75-Auto Update. This CS:GO update introduced a new weapon into the game and came with many new skins that can be obtained by purchasing the CS:GO Weapon Case 3. Its price on Steam is somewhere around $5.25.

CS:GO Weapon Skins

CS:GO Weapon Skins Case 3

CS:GO Weapon Case 3 features 12 skins plus an exceedingly rare particular item, which can be one of 65 different knife skins. These are the 12 weapon skins that you can get:

CZ75-Auto Crimson Web

The CZ75-Auto Crimson Web is a Mil-spec skin for the CZ75-Auto. The chance of unboxing this CS:GO skin from a CS:GO Weapons Case 3 is 79.92%, which means that you are almost guaranteed to get one if you open at least a few of these CS:GO cases. The probability of getting the StatTrak version is 7.99%.

The Field-Tested variant costs less than $1, but the Factory New model can be sold for a lot more (~$12).

This skin is compatible with StatTrak technology, meaning you can buy the StatTrak version and have all your CZ75-Auto frags memorized.

P2000 Red FragCam

The P2000 Red FragCam is another skin from The Arms Deal 3 Collection, and its rarity is Mil-spec. In other words, you’re almost guaranteed to get the Field-Tested version by simply opening a CS:GO Weapon Case 3. The odds are 79.92%. However, if you’re hoping to get the StatTrak model, the odds are 7.99%.

This skin is very cheap, even if you buy the StatTrak Factory New model. And that’s one of the reasons why people buy it. It gives them a low-cost way of counting their kills with this weapon.

Visually, this Weapon Case 3 skin is not very impressive. But it still looks elegant and much better than the default.

Dual Berettas Panther

The Dual Berettas Panther is one of the best-looking skins for this weapon and is incredibly cheap. The mixture of black and red color gives it a visually appealing aspect, and you can buy the StatTrak Factory New model for under $10. Or, if you don’t mind the scratches, you can get the Field-Tested version for around $1!

The rarity of this skin is Mil-spec, which means that everything said about the previous two skins also applies here.

USP-S Stainless

The USP-S Stainless might be just a Mil-spec CS:GO skin, but many people want it, and it can cost a lot for its rarity. The StatTrak Factory New model is nearly $100. However, you can get the Field-Tested version that uses the same technology for less than $20.

Visually, the USP-S Stainless is pleasing to the eye and embodies its name.

Glock-18 Blue Fissure

Apart from the StatTrak Factory New model, this CS:GO gun skin is cheap and good-looking. Its rarity is Mil-spec, so you can obtain it quite easily by either purchasing a few units of CS:GO Weapon Case 3 or by acquiring directly as a stand-alone item.

CZ75-Auto Tread Plate

The CZ75-Auto Tread Plate is a Restricted CS:GO skin, and the odds of unboxing one are 15.98% for the standard quality model and 1.59% for the StatTrak model. However, because it doesn’t look that special, it comes quite cheap, even if you want to buy the Factory New version.

Tec-9 Titanium Bit

This is another CS:GO Weapon Case 3 skin of Restricted rarity, and you can get it for a relatively low price even if you want the StatTrak Factory New model. Visually, it is a decent-looking skin that gives the weapon a feeling of lightness.

Desert Eagle Heirloom

Desert Eagle is many players’ favorite CS:GO pistol, and this skin gives it a great look! Its minimalistic design may not seem to provide much, but it makes a big stylistic difference and looks much better than the default.

The rarity of Desert Eagle Heirloom is Restricted, which means that there’s a probability of 15.98% of unboxing the standard version and a possibility of 1.59% of unboxing the StatTrak version. Given its price, you’re probably better off buying the stand-alone item instead of investing in CS:GO Weapon 3 Cases.

Five-SeveN Copper Galaxy

The Five-SeveN Copper Galaxy is one of the best-looking skins in the case, and its rarity is Restricted. The upper side of this pistol is made of copper, and the visual style is very appealing. Using this gun in the first round will instantly make you stand out.

The Factory New Model goes for around $10, while the StatTrak version costs about 40 – 50% more.

CS:GO Weapon Skins

CZ75-Auto The Fuschia Is Now

The purple color used for this gun’s upper side gives it a very elegant look. But the rarity of this skin is Classified, which means that it’s harder to obtain and more expensive to buy. In the current market, be prepared to spend around $30-50 if you want a high-quality StatTrak version of this item.

P250 Undertow

This is a rare, expensive, and extremely good-looking pistol skin for the P250. You have a low chance of unboxing it from the CS:GO Weapon Case 3 (~3.2%), and if you want the StatTrak version, the probability is even lower: 0.32%!

The price you will need to pay for this skin can go from $25 to $100+, depending on the offer.

CZ75-Auto Victoria

The CZ75-Auto Victoria is a Covert CS:GO skin, and the odds of getting one are 0.64% for the standard quality. If you want the StatTrak version, the odds are 10 times lower: 0.064%!

Given its rarity, this skin is extremely cheap. But that’s because of its simplistic visual aspect, which doesn’t make it stand out.

CS:GO Weapon Skins Case 3 Rare Special Items

CS:GO Weapon Skins

You may obtain a CS:GO weapon case 3 knife if you’re lucky. The list of knives that can be obtained is quite long. Some of the more spectacular options include:

  • Bayonet Slaughter
  • Flip Knife Fade
  • Flip Knife Night
  • Gut Knife Stained
  • Karambit Crimson Web