Why Are CS:GO Skins Priced So Differently?

CSGO Skins

For those in the CSGO community, the skins you own can be almost as valuable as your skill at the game. Players often trade, buy and sell the skins they earn or pick up while playing. If new to the game, it can be difficult to figure out the price ranges of skins, making research and the help of trusted and experienced players invaluable.

Skin Wear

One of the biggest factors of the pricing of CSGO skins is the level of wear on them. This is a float value between 0.0 and 1.0 that is randomly assigned to a skin when it is dropped. Skins will not degrade over time and their wear level cannot be influenced by any player.

Of the 5 levels of wear, Factory New is the highest level, with a wear value at or near 0.0. These skins have no wear and often look the best. As the wear values go up, the quality level decreases, eventually reaching Battle-Scarred at a wear value at or near 1.0.

Depending on the CSGO community, this ranking may not consistently apply to skins. The community may favor a skin with a higher float value if it is believed to look better on a particular weapon or terrain.

Rare CSGO Skins

CSGO skins each come with a degree of rarity. Like most things, the most common skins are also the least valuable. Skins can be gained through the CSGO interface by paying to open loot boxes. However, there are no guaranteed results when doing this. CSGO skins that are less available on the market will typically fetch a higher price.

It’s also important to keep in mind the popularity of the weapon the skins are for. Skins for widely used and strong weapons can be sold for a relatively high price. Weapons that are less often used or are comparatively weak will not have high value skins, despite the item’s rarity.

Special Skins and StatTrak

While CSGO does not create skins that give players special abilities and alter the game’s fairness, some skins display special effects that can increase your playing enjoyment. Souvenir skins from special events can also fetch a relatively high price, depending on how common they are, as well as the prestige of the event.

CSGO skins that include StatTrak technology can also be sold at a higher price. This feature enhances a player’s in-game experience by tracking the number of kills that have been made by the weapon with the skin. While the kill count is reset when the skin is traded, it is a great bonus for any player, possibly doubling the value of a skin.

With the many variables that affect the value of CSGO skins, it can be difficult to decide the right price for selling your skins. Understanding the wear value of your skins, their rarity and any special features can help with this. It can also be valuable to keep up with the CSGO community and which skins are currently the most popular and in demand.