Where to trade CS:GO skins

CS:GO skins are bought and sold by millions of players in high amounts. Whenever there’s a new weapon case release, people buy it or get it via in-game drops, and then they open it to see what it contains. The odds of getting Covert or ultra-rare skin are pretty low. But CS:GO enthusiasts love the process and don’t mind spending a few dollars. Know where to trade CS:GO skins.

Where to trade CS:GO skins

When they first start playing CS:GO, people don’t usually care that much about skins. They want to experiment with the game and enjoy it with their friends. But as they become more and more involved in it, the desire to customize everything starts to take hold of them. And that’s when people start asking questions about CS:GO skins.

Trading CS:GO skins can be done in a variety of ways. You’ll find them listed below:

The Steam Market

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The most obvious place where you can trade CS:GO skins are the CS:GO Market, located inside the Steam Market. To find it, all you need to do is open Steam, go to Community and click on the Market submenu. Once you’ve done that, select the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive market and start trading.

You can sell the skins you no longer need, or you can buy ones you are interested in. To sell skins, click View Inventory, which is located below your wallet balance. Select CS:GO, and you can see for each item whether or not it’s tradable, what the standard price is, etc.

Sell Skins In CS:GO

If you decide to sell a skin, click the Sell button, type in your desired price, and then confirm the sale listing. If your price is low enough, the sale will happen very quickly in most cases.

Steam lets you know ahead of time how many people are interested in the item you’re trying to sell. And what they’re willing to pay for it. If you agree to sell yours at that price, you’ll get the money right away and see your new wallet balance.

One thing you should keep in mind when selling CS:GO skins on the Steam Market is that: unless you have your Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator activated, you will need to wait 15 days before the item is listed on the market. But once it’s listed, it will be sold very quickly.

If you want to buy CS:GO skins, you can search for them using the simple search bar or the advanced search options. In most cases, it’s sufficient to type the name; you will see many different listings. Please select the one that you are interested in and pay for it. You’ll get your skin immediately.

Player to Player

If you want to buy something from a player from your friend list, you can invite him to trade with you. The system is designed to make sure that both of you approve the transaction before it’s executed. Just ask for what you want and offer what he asks for in return. And that’s it.

Trade Up Contracts

Where to trade CS:GO skins

Trade Up Contracts are another great way of trading CS:GO skins. This method can be used by utilizing the Contract item from your inventory. Select 10 skins you want to trade, and you will get one of higher quality in return. Once again, the process is quite simple, but there are rules that you need to follow.

The good part is that the system enforces the rules, so you can’t screw up. For example, one rule is that all 10 skins need to have the same rarity class. But as soon as you select one, the system will force you to pick 9 other skins from the same class by removing the other ones from your list of available options.

3rd Party Websites

This is a fantastic option for those with many CS:GO skins. And those who would like to make money from the trade. When using the Steam Market, the money you get is stuck there because you cannot use it for anything other than buying Steam games and items.

But if you have a lot of skins that are worth hundreds of dollars, you might want to be able to transfer that money to your bank account and use it. That’s where 3rd party skin markets come into play. You’ll find plenty of them, and their utility is very high for those who own many skins. Or perhaps a few extremely valuable ones.

When using 3rd party skin markets, keep in mind that you will not get the same price that you would get on the Steam Market. And the reason for that is obvious. Therefore, you should utilize this service only when you want to turn your CS:GO skins into real cash that you can use in the real world.