What Weapon You Must Have As A CS:GO Beginner

As a CS:GO beginner, you’ll want to use the best weapons. These weapons cost a bit more than the rest, but they give you a huge advantage in duels.

If you’re utilizing a pistol just because you think it’s cool, you will quickly find yourself outgunned by people who buy AK-47s, M4A4s, and AWPs. One of the important aspects of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are weapon damage, accuracy, ease of use, fire rate, and so on.

The ultimate goal is to kill the opponent before he kills you. How you achieve that is a matter of skill and personal preference. But some guns are still considerably better than others, which is why you should use them.


CS:GO beginner
CS:GO beginner

The AK-47 is considered by many to be the best rifle in the game, even for CS:GO beginner. It kills with one bullet if you hit a headshot from any distance, even if the target is armored. And it was very cheap, costing only $2700.

This gun is available only for the Terrorist side, and you will buy it almost every round. However, to make good use of it, you will need to control its recoil and master its spray pattern. You can learn how to do this on practice maps. There are also a lot of good YouTube videos that will teach you how to aim with it.


CS:GO Beginner
CS:GO Beginner

The M4A4 is the CT’s most used weapon. This gun costs $3100, but it’s relatively easy to control and will kill from a long range with less than five bullets.

If you need to hold a position, the M4A4 is an excellent choice because it has a 30-bullet magazine. The only problem with this weapon is that it deals relatively little damage against the chest of an armored target (23) and costs a lot of money, which isn’t ideal in a highly competitive match. But you’ll still have a hard time finding a better CT rifle.


This weapon has come to define this game, alfo for CS:GO beginner, and the best players in the world frequently use it. Some of the best in the game’s history, including s1mple, ZywOo, and dev1ce, are AWP specialists and have created numerous memorable moments with this gun.

The AWP will kill with a single bullet if you don’t aim for the leg. Its main weakness is that it only has a 5-bullet magazine and a low reload time. This weapon tends to be quite weak from close range if you’re not an AWP Grandmaster. But from a long range, it is amazing if you have quick reflexes and can flick accurately.

Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle is the best pistol in the game and can kill with just a few bullets. Players often use it to win a tough round against a team that outguns them. This is the perfect force-buy weapon and is also used for eco rounds sometimes.

AUG / SG 553

These two weapons are powerful rifles that have a scope. The CT-side uses the first, while the T-side uses the second. As a CS:GO, beginner, both of these guns are usually more useful than the other rifles because of their scope.

When you haven’t yet mastered the game, one of the biggest challenges is to aim correctly. If you’re using a gun that can shoot accurately from afar, you are much more likely to hit the target and get the kill before you get killed.

More about AUG / SG 553.

Skins For The Best CS:GO Weapons

All the weapons mentioned above have dozens of excellent skins, and you can buy such skins on Tradeit or the Steam Market. Even though a cosmetic item won’t improve the gun it is used for. It might improve your level of confidence and your general psychological state. Because of that, it’s always a good idea to use great CS:GO skins.