What to Expect From CS:GO in 2023

CS:GO has one of the best professional circuits in all of esports. This FPS is thriving and features dozens of great tournaments each year. Many of those tournaments are recurrent and occur at least once yearly. This allows us to predict what will happen in CS:GO in 2023. So let´s know what to expect from CS:GO in 2023.

For example, one tradition in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is to have two Majors each season. The next CS:GO Major in 2022 is the Intel Extreme Masters Rio Major. This IEM event will offer $1 million in prizes and many esports betting opportunities.

The first CS Major of 2022 was the PGL Antwerp Major, which took place in May. This Major was preceded by RMR events that determined the list of participants.

Important Tournament Organizers in CS:GO

One way to predict the tournaments of CS:GO in 2023 is to look at the big tournament organizers that activate in this esport. The list is quite short:

  • ESL
  • PGL
  • Perfect World

Most of these organizers like to get involved in several big events per year. A significant proportion of CS:GO tournaments are organized by ESL. The company was recently bought for $1 billion, so it has all the funding it needs to delight the fans with spectacular competitions for many years.

What to Expect from 2023

The first Major of 2023 is likely to occur in the Spring, while the second one will take place in Autumn. As usual, there will be a BLAST Premier circuit, with the BLAST Premier World Final being the last tournament of the year with a prize pool of $1 million.

The two Majors will likely use the new standard format and not rely on what happened at the previous Major. It will have a Challengers Stage, a Legends Stage, and a Champions Stage, which will serve as the tournament’s playoffs. To decide who goes to the Major, there will be at least one RMR event in each of the 4 big regions.

More About CS:GO Major

As a tournament organizer, ESL is almost guaranteed to receive the rights to one of the two CS:GO Majors for 2023. The company has held Majors before, lots of them, so it’s the prime candidate of the 4 in the bidding process. The second Major will go to either BLAST or PGL. Many people speculate that BLAST will be the winner next year.

But if that happens, this will force PGL to get involved another way. It might be a $250,000 tournament with 16 or eight teams, a $500,000 tournament, or something bigger. They organized PGL Major Stockholm and PGL Major Antwerp in the last two years.

One of the ongoing events in 2022 is ESL Pro League. This competition offers more than $800,000 in prizes and takes place twice per year. In the next CS year, it’s almost a certainty that everything will remain the same. 

The complete list of CS:GO events that are expected to happen in 2023 is this:

  • 2 Majors
  • 2 EPLs
  • The Blast Premier Circuit
  • IEM Cologne 
  • IEM Katowice 
  • At least one more IEM tournament at a different location
  • At least 2-3 S-tier bookmaker tournaments
  • RMR competitions for the Majors (A-tier)
  • Half a dozen Pinnacle Cup events (A-tier)
  • Half a dozen ESL Challenger events (A-tier)
  • At least half a dozen other A-tier tournaments

The list will become known towards the end of the year. People are focused entirely on the upcoming Rio Major and its regional qualifiers.