What CS:GO Skins Will Drop in 2023

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you can obtain skins in a variety of ways. The best way is usually to buy them on a platform like Tradeit. But you can obtain items while playing, so know what CS:GO skins will drop in 2023.

How CS:GO Case Drops Work

CS:GO Skins Will Drop in 2023
CS:GO Skins Will Drop in 2023

When you play CS:GO, at the end of each match, you have a small chance of getting a reward from Valve. Usually, you will get something a few times per week if you play the game intensively. And each time, the RNG gods might bless you with a good case drop.

The CS:GO cases that can drop are determined by Valve, based on its own internal rules. All we know is that an Active Drop Pool features several weapon cases. However, these cases change regularly, and there’s no way of knowing exactly what you’ll get. But what we do know is that different user classes are treated differently.

For obvious reasons, Valve tries to incentivize people to upgrade their accounts and become Prime users. Because of that, Prime accounts receive better drops than standard accounts. The Active Drop Pools for these two types of accounts differ considerably.

The second thing you should know about this topic is that Prime accounts have a small chance of receiving rare drops, which are inaccessible to regular users. These drops usually involve cases that cost a bit more money or, in some cases, a lot more money.

In CS:GO, the price of a weapon case ranges from around 15 cents to $50+. For souvenir packages, for instance, people sometimes pay even hundreds of dollars. If you get a really nice drop, it could be worth a lot of money. And if you choose to open the case and get a valuable item, having upgraded your CS:GO account will be more than worth it.

Cases That You Can Obtain

These are some cases you can obtain right now as a Prime account user. Keep in mind, however, that the options tend to change quite frequently.

  • Snakebite
  • Fracture
  • Dreams & Nightmares
  • Prisma 2
  • Clutch

In the case of non-Prime users, some of the options are these:

  • CS20
  • Horizon
  • Chroma 3
  • Revolver
  • Spectrum 2
  • Gamma 2

Rare drops include:

  • Winter Offensive
  • CS:GO Weapon Case
  • Operation Bravo
  • Prisma
  • Danger Zone
  • Horizon
  • Gamma
  • Operation Wildfire
  • Operation Vanguard
  • Operation Breakout
  • Spectrum 2
  • Operation Hydra
  • Spectrum
  • Glove
  • Huntsman
  • Operation Phoenix