Top Mistakes to Avoid as a TF2 Spy

TF2 spy knife

Easily one of the most fun and frustrating classes in Team Fortress 2 are the spies. These handy characters let you get behind enemy lines and use the TF2 spy knife to stab enemies in the back. Coupled with unique powers like the Dead Ringer, it’s a class that can leave your opponents guessing for the entire match.

If you want to be the greatest assassin, here are a few mistakes to avoid. They will help keep you alive and make you a more effective player.

Mistake #1: Ignoring the revolver

Sure, the TF2 spy knife is your main damage output but many players ignore their revolver in favor of the knife in almost every situation. The mistake is so common, in fact, that you will find veteran players doing this constantly. The problem is that backstabs are still up to chance, so trying for it in every situation means you’re literally bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Instead of always using the knife, use your revolver situationally to rack up kills, and save the backstab for when you can pull it off.

Mistake #2: Getting tunnel vision

When you play as a spy and see a turned back, there’s a tendency to leap into the attack. After all, the joy of the spy is getting to use the TF2 spy knife to maximum effect. But that’s not always the best choice.

A spy’s surroundings are its class’s greatest strength and weakness. Ignoring choke points while infiltrating will get you killed frequently. Looking around when sneaking in for the backstab, on the other hand, can set you up for multiple kills and keep you out of trouble. Avoid tunnel vision as the spy and you will be much more successful.

Mistake #3: Using the wrong disguise

Most new spies will choose Demoman or Pyro because the key binds are easy to get, but they aren’t perfect in every situation. If you want into the intelligence room outfitted with sentries, for example, you’ll want to go in as an Engineer. Overall, it’s better to dress for the occasion, as it were, rather than just whatever’s easiest.

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