TOP 5 Best Butterfly Knife CS:GO Skins – Elevate Your Game

Butterfly knives are popular among players in the popular first-person shooter game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). The best butterfly knife CS:GO skins are known for their unique design and quick flipping action, making them a favorite among players who want to add a touch of style to their gameplay.

One of the most sought-after items in CS:GO is the skin for the butterfly knife. These skins come in various designs and patterns and can significantly enhance the knife’s appearance. 

Collecting the best butterfly knife skins can be a fun and rewarding experience for players. Many players enjoy hunting down the rarest and most sought-after skins, while others simply appreciate the added aesthetics that the skins bring to the game. 

If you’re looking for the best butterfly knife skins in CS: GO, here are five top picks:

1. Butterfly Knife | Marble Fade

The Marble Fade is a highly sought-after skin for the Butterfly Knife in the popular video game CS:GO. The skin features a unique and intricate pattern that resembles a marble fade effect, hence its name. The design is created by blending different shades of color, resulting in a mesmerizing and visually striking appearance.

One of the reasons why the Marble Fade is so popular is its rarity. The skin is classified as a “Classified” rarity, the second-highest rarity level in the game. This means that it is much harder to obtain than most other skins. 

The price of the Marble Fade varies depending on the skin’s condition. A new skin version can sell for as much as $2,286, making it one of the most expensive skins in the game. 

2. Butterfly Knife | Boreal Forest

The Boreal Forest butterfly knife skin is widely considered one of the best knife skins in the popular first-person shooter game. This skin features a stunning design inspired by the Boreal forest, with a beautiful green and brown camouflage pattern that perfectly blends with the forest environment. 

The handle of the knife is adorned with intricate engravings that resemble tree branches and roots, adding to the overall natural aesthetic of the skin. It is also considered one of the rarest and most valuable in the game, with a price tag of $685. 

3. Butterfly Knife | Slaughter 

The Slaughter is also considered one of the best butterfly knife skins. This skin features a unique design with a blood-red handle and a blade that appears to be covered in blood. The red color is contrasted by the black parts of the knife, giving it a menacing and deadly appearance.

The Slaughter skin is highly desirable among players due to its rarity and unique design. It is a part of the “Gamma 2 collection“, which is a set of skins that were only available for a limited time during a special event.

The price of the Slaughter skin can vary depending on the condition and wear of the knife. The price is around $1,500, but it can be higher or lower depending on the specific item.

4. Butterfly Knife | Urban Masked 

The Urban Masked butterfly knife is another popular skin in (CS:GO). This skin features a black and silver color scheme with a unique urban camouflage pattern on the handle and blade. The blade is made to look like it has been worn and used, adding to the overall aesthetic of the skin.

It is also considered one of the less expensive skins, with a price tag of around $620. As a result, the Urban Masked butterfly knife has become a highly sought-after item among players.

Not only does it add a unique and stylish touch to the in-game weapon, but it also has the potential to increase in value over time. Overall, the Urban Masked butterfly knife is a highly desirable and visually striking skin in CS:GO. 

5. Butterfly Knife | Tiger Tooth

Butterfly Knife CS:GO
Butterfly Knife CS:GO

The Tiger Tooth is considered one of the best butterfly knife skins due to its sleek and deadly design, with a tiger-like pattern on the blade and a golden handle. The skin is highly sought-after by players due to its striking appearance.

This skin can typically be found for between $1,500 and $2,000. However, the price can also be higher or lower depending on the rarity of the knife and whether it is a StatTrak version or not. StatTrak is a feature that tracks the number of kills made with a particular weapon.

It’s a rare skin with a great design, and it can be a great addition to any player’s inventory. It’s also a good investment if you are looking to resell it in the future.


In conclusion, there are many butterfly knife skins available in CS:GO, but the above five are some of the best. Each has a unique design and appeal that can cater to different players’ preferences. These skins are visually appealing and can intimidate opponents and boost players’ confidence. They are a must-have for any severe CS:GO player looking to add some flair to their collection.

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