Top 10 Greatest CS:GO Features

Because it’s a decade-old game that is part of a two-decade-old franchise, CS:GO has many great features polished by Valve over the years. This first-person shooter has aged like wine and is getting better every year. Check here the top 10 greatest CS:GO features.

If Valve would address the remaining issues regarding servers and cheaters, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would easily be the best FPS esport in the world. 

Professional players don’t encounter many issues that pub players struggle with because they practically have their own CS:GO “island”, where they get to play only among themselves. But for the rest of us, the game is still not perfect. However, even in its current form, it has many features, and this article will tell you more about them.

Ten Great Features of CS:GO

Here’s a top 10 list of the game’s greatest features:

1. A Well-Calibrated Matchmaking System

When you play CS:GO, you generally feel that the teams are balanced. If you’re not playing against smurfs or cheaters or in the same team with one or more account buyers, the game will be tough for both sides, and the challenge will force you to play your best CS to win.

2. Objective-Based Game Modes

In CS:GO, the game modes that you usually play are these:

  • Competitive
  • Casual
  • Deathmatch
  • Arms Race
  • Demolition
  • Wingman
  • Flying Scoutsman
  • Retakes
  • Danger Zone

By far, Competitive is the most important game mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Its objective-based makes it easy to understand for beginners and enjoyable for players of all ranks.

3. Trade Up Contract

This feature allows you to trade 10 skins of the same rarity for one skin of a higher rarity class. This is a great option for those who open a lot of weapon cases or play the game many hours per week.

4. Community Market

Whatever skins you get in CS:GO can be sold on the Steam Market or other marketplaces. This means that you can make money by playing the game and getting drops. It may not be much, but it might be if you’re lucky.

5. Ranks

CS:GO has a highly detailed ranking system that includes 18 ranks. Only a tiny percentage of players will reach the highest rank, Global Elite, but the brilliance of this feature is that it gives you a sense of progression. You know you’re getting better because your rank goes up.

Greatest CS:GO features

6. Short and Long Competitive Matches

Professional CS:GO is played using the long format, Bo30 plus overtime if required. Teams compete on maps, and the winner is the one that gets first to 16 round wins. But if you don’t want to play that many rounds, you can opt for the short format, Bo16.

7. Numerous Settings

In CS:GO, you can change a lot of different settings and opt to either maximize your visual experience or the game’s performance, depending on how good your PC is. 

You can also adjust a wide array of settings to maximize your performance as a player. If you don’t like the sensitivity, the default keys, or the crosshair settings, you can easily change them.

8. Command Console

If you want to bind keys to certain actions or experiment with various grenade strategies in a lobby, you can use the Developer Console to change a lot of aspects of the game.

9. Balanced and Varied Maps 

If you enjoy playing shooters on well-designed maps, CS:GO is one of the best games that you can pick. Because it’s an old-school FPS that focuses exclusively on weapons, tactics, and locations, CS:GO pays a lot of attention to how each map is designed and ensures that it’s balanced for both teams.

In some cases, the Terrorists or the Counter-Terrorists might have a slight advantage. But even in such situations, the gameplay was designed to ensure optimal balance. The two teams swap sides after the first 15 rounds, lose all their money (the in-game economy is reset), and start with a new pistol round.

New maps are constantly added to CS:GO, but only the best make it into the Active Duty Map Pool. These are the official maps that get played in professional matches. 

When you play Counter-Strike, you get to choose what map you want to play on. This is very important because it allows you to specialize and master the game in a more narrow form. If you tried to learn all of it at once, it would be overwhelming. But this way, you can get to be a Global Elite even if you only understand two or three maps.

10. Spectating Options

If you’re a CS:GO enthusiast who loves to watch professional tournaments, you can spectate them directly from the game and choose your options. This is a good way to study the game and learn from the world’s best players.


The Counter-Strike series has been around for more than 20 years, and since its initial release, it has evolved enormously. Few other games can match the qualities of CS:GO and longtime players can appreciate its evolution better than anyone else. The previous game in the series doesn’t even come close to the one we have right now.

The Global Offensive developer, Valve Corporation, has invested heavily into making CS:GO one of the most played games on Steam. And without a doubt, Global Offensive Counter-Strike is here to stay for at least one more decade.