Top 10 CS:GO Items You Should Buy in 2022

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When looking to trade out your skins for a fresh look, it can be difficult to choose from the thousands of available options. Finding a skin that is the right balance of stealth, flash, affordability, and suits the weapons you enjoy using can be a challenge. Knowing some of the top CSGO skins and styles can help you make the right decision and find some of the best deals on the market.


With an AWP skin like Atheris, your weapon will take on the look of a deadly sniper. Featuring a brilliant emerald and blue snake slithering against a black background, the skin is simple and snazzy. To top it off, Atheris is also a relatively cheap skin, costing about $15 for a great look.

Tiger Moth

The Tiger Moth skin displays a beautiful, mottled blend of two different animal patterns. Starting with a giraffe pattern and shifting to a flaming spotted design, it is truly stunning. And at less than $5 on many CSGO skins sites, it’s no hardship to add to your collection.


A skin for the AWP, Exoskeleton displays a deadly skull and crossbones pattern. To back it up, the color scheme is quite dark, giving it a stealthy look to counter the neon skins available.

Phantom Disrupter

Featuring a light-yellow color scheme and a creepy phantom design, this skin is sure to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. Available for the AK-47, the Phantom Disrupter is an amazing display of subtle colors and design.

Light Rail

If you’re looking for a simple but sweet design, the Light Rail is the perfect skin for you. Found on many CSGO skin sites for a low price, it features a metallic color fade that is simply stunning.

The Empress

The Empress is a lovely dark blue skin based on the design of the Empress tarot card. The dark and mystic design costs close to $100 but could be worth it if it fits your style.

Falchion Knife Marble Fade

Because knives are typically more expensive, this skin costs more than many of the same level gun skins. However, with an amazing blue, red and yellow marble pattern, the extra cost on CSGO skin sites will pay itself out in wow factor.

Fennec Fox

Normally known for the adorable effect of their large ears, the Fennec Fox on this skin manages to look menacing. Accompanied by a unique desert color scheme, this skin is one of a kind.

See Ya Later

Featuring a metallic grinning reptile, with this skin you can bring a whole new meaning to “see ya later, alligator”. While a few years old, the skin continues to hold its popularity and sleek look.

Aquamarine Revenge

Settling on subtler teal tones with a flashy orange fish design, the Aquamarine Revenge can create a splash among your CSGO community. While a little more expensive, this skin can completely revamp your AK-47.

Choosing the best weapons to add to your collection can be a difficult task, especially with thousands of amazing options. By exploring CSGO skin sites, you can find great deals on beautiful skins. Matching skins to your style and color preferences, you can choose popular skins that intimidate your enemies and give your game a new swagger.

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