Top 10 CS:GO Features You Didn’t Know Were There

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been around for many years. But if you’re new to it, you might have missed some of its best CS:GO features. In this article, you’ll discover 10 of them.

The Trade Up Contract

In your CS:GO inventory, you have an item that cannot be deleted. It’s called Trade Up Contract, and its function is to allow you to exchange 10 skins of a particular rarity class (such as Mil-Spec) for one skin of a better rarity class. 

The upgrade is always of 1 level. So if you trade 10 Classified skins, you will get one Covert skin.

One thing to note about these kinds of exchanges is that the system also considers the float value of the skins you trade. If you use just Battle Scarred skins, the result will also have a low float value. You cannot get a Factory New or a Minimal Wear skin using skins with terrible floats.

The Ability to Change Your Default Pistol

The 1st and the 16th rounds of a CS:GO map is called pistol rounds. And in those rounds, you get to use your default pistol. The same happens in every other round where you don’t buy a better pistol or rifle. But what if you don’t like the default pistol?

Fortunately, you can go to your inventory and change the default pistol. Counter-Terrorists can choose to play using the P2000 instead of the USP-S. Few players utilize the P2000, but you may like it more than the USP-S.

The M4A1-S 

Most new players buy the A4A4 and completely forget about the M4A1-S. The few who discover it give it up quickly because it only has 20 bullets in its magazine. 

But if you play enough with it, you realize that it deals more damage and is also silent, which means that the enemy team will have a hard time figuring out where you’re shooting from. This means that refrags are harder to achieve.

The Ability to Sell Your Skins

Skins play a huge role in CS:GO and the game’s entire community is fascinated with them. When you find a skin, you can press the right click on it in your inventory and check its price on the Steam Market. But you don’t need to sell it there right away. You could use it, or you could choose to sell it on a different platform, like

The advantage of selling your skins on another platform is that you’ll be able to get your money out. When you make sales on Steam, your money is stuck in your Steam Wallet, and you can only use it to buy video games and other Steam items. 

CS:GO Features
CS:GO Features

Key Binds

One of the great things you can do in CS:GO is to use the Developer Console to create key binds. This means that you can bind a key to an action and perform that action by simply pressing that key.

For example, you can buy grenades this way and simplify the process of purchasing them at the start of the round. Or you can bind radio commands to certain keys and learn how to communicate with your team this way.

There are lots of other things that can be achieved using CS:GO commands, and all of them are available once you enable the Developer Console. This can be done from the game settings.

Game Modes

In Global Offensive Counter-Strike, you can play a variety of game modes apart from competitive matchmaking. For instance, you can play Deathmatch and experiment with different weapons on a map full of enemy players.

There are around one dozen different game modes that you can play in total, and each of them has its appeal.

Short Matches

Recently, Valve Corporation introduced the short match format into the game. Instead of a Bo30, you can play a Bo16. This shortens the match duration tremendously, which means that if your teammates are terrible, you won’t have to wait for an hour to start your next match. Everything can be over in just 15 minutes.

Short matches are a great way to enjoy yourself when you have little time to play before you need to sleep or work. A Bo30 match is a big commitment. But a Bo16 takes far less time to complete.

Aim Training Maps

In CS:GO, every pro player uses aim training maps. These are maps designed to improve your ability to aim with different weapons. All you do on these maps is to aim at various targets and try to kill them as fast as possible.

The variety is extraordinary, and you can become an AWP expert, a pistol expert, or a rifle expert with enough training.


In CS:GO, you can apply stickers to your skins and show your support for various teams. Some stickers are quite expensive, but most are very cheap, and you can experiment with them quite easily.

Competitive Skill Group 

If you haven’t received your rank already, you should play ranked or competitive mode to get it. Your skill group will then become visible for everyone to see it.